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Is there a way to prevent zombie apps from rising?

date: 23 February 2016
reading time: 2 min

Zombie apps appear to be a quite recent and infectious discovery. Once installed, they haunt us constantly, making our lives harder. What are they? Why are they a problem? Discover it all below.

Zombie apps are the applications that at first glance may appear harmless and usually are rarely used – like a flashlight app.

However, once you invite them to your phone, they become quite pesky, to say the least. Not only do they run all the time, even without being physically opened by the phone owner, but also consume even up to two gigabytes of data and make your battery very weak, very quickly. Additionally, the apps are invisible to malware detection programs.

Sounds scary? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Infectious applications are the reason online advertising is becoming more and more pointless. It is all due to the fact that these apps mimic random clicks and even though the ads are opened, they aren’t seen by a human.

Bots, because it’s them we are talking about, are malicious, artificial ‘users’ of our apps. They are able to view over 700 advertisements in an hour, whereas ordinary application displays one every 2 minutes.

The real victims here are the advertising companies, who lose lots of money. Among them we can meet such giants as Microsoft, Kellogg’s or Coca-Cola.

In 2015, advertisers lost almost 18 billion dollars!

Why do we have to deal with bots?

Since the human factor becomes more and more obsolete and automated actions play the leading role, advertisements are much more susceptible to be discarded and unnoticed by people.

Most of us don’t even realise that we are the very reason bots enter the Internet. While installing applications, we usually don’t pay attention to the permissions they require. Malicious apps usually want to prevent devices from shutting down or sleeping, run on start-up of the system, or in the background.

Getting informed and being aware of the dangers is crucial in today’s highly automated, unsecured world. Since we install new apps every day, maybe it is worth spending a few more seconds before clicking the ‘Accept’ button.

After all, none of us wants to be flimflammed any longer.

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