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Is your company in danger – part 2?

date: 13 December 2016
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Cyber-attacks have become more common in the recent years. In 2015 alone, 230,000 new malware samples were produced every day. This, without a doubt, puts every one of us in danger. But what are the main threats for companies? Discover in the second part of our series.

With increased connectivity, our daily activities got simpler. Nevertheless, we are now more exposed, easier to reach and hack. With valuable data, comes giant responsibility.
So, what are the risks exactly?


Ransomware is a coinage of “ransom” and “software” and can be classified as a computer virus that blocks users’ data and prevents them from accessing their systems until a ‘ransom’ is paid.

The malicious software is usually hidden in e-mails or on accidental webpages and is activated by a simple ‘click’.  Cybercriminals then encrypt victim’s data and wait for a given sum of money to unlock it. What’s even more interesting, they often demand the payment in Bitcoins, since it ensures anonymity.

Even though such crimes are extremely hard to predict, each company should invest in suitable ransomware education to try to prevent their employees from accessing strange-looking content. Additionally, regular data backups help to ensure you don’t lose access to it if your device gets encrypted.

New technologies

We deal with incredible amounts of data that must be processed by more and more programs, built with the use of more and more modern technologies.

The programs, unfortunately, work very often as disruptors, since they cannot be discovered fully in short amount of time which makes the data vulnerable for that short period, during which multiple threats may be applied.

Numerous applications come to life to make your business run smoothly and to assure a more streamlined customer service. However, it must be remembered to protect oneself in case of such changes because they make your data more exposed.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD phenomenon is known to almost every respected company that wishes to ease its employees’ work.

However, it may compromise company’s security. Sharing of data, constant access to company’s information using random networks, or rarely changed passwords are usually company’s biggest weaknesses. Not to mention, the installation of malware may happen without anybody’s knowledge.

This is the reason why the BYOD concept should be introduced carefully and should be based on proper policy. Doing so, will make people more alert and educated. Also, it might be beneficial to monitor incoming documents and data, as it may significantly decrease the risk of attacks and trigger quick actions.

Protection is at the forefront of headlines nowadays and companies are slowly becoming aware of the value security may bring to the table. Since the threats constantly appear and change, make sure to be prepared for everything to make your data safe.

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