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Is your company in danger?

date: 22 November 2016
reading time: 3 min

Most CTOs and CIOs will agree with us – you can’t stop thinking about security. The moment you forget about it, is the very moment it may fail you. What are the most common fears that companies’ authorities face every day?

In the world where companies are driven by the will to become leaders in their sectors, it isn’t unheard-of that certain things crash along the way. Security being on top of the list.

Insider threats

Insider attacks are probably most common types of problems that security authorities face. They are hard to control and may happen any day, any time.

There are three types of insider threats, each needing to be dealt with differently.
These may be:

  • negligent, which occurs when people overlook company’s policies,
  • malicious, which are focused on causing actual harm to the company,
  • accidental, which usually happen unintentionally, by human errors.

Such crimes are unfortunately unpredictable since the culprits may be the people that used to work for the company or are still employed and have access to the extensive amount of data.

Data security

New malware comes into existence every day and hackers come up with more and more cunning ways to infiltrate others’ data.

To stay on top of potential problems, it is crucial to follow what’s happening in the world of security, to be able to apply certain measures to your enterprise and assets. Furthermore, you should consider tracking the news on malware around the world.

As blunt as it may sound, learning on other people’s mistakes is the best way to stay on top of your safety. Yes, you can never think you’re fully safe. Security is a continuous process, yet being aware of the danger gives you an upper hand.

Obsolete hardware

Obsolete devices and outdated software are yet another reason why companies get hacked.

Usually, these devices carry vital data and not installing patches makes them exposed. To mitigate the risks your hardware should be properly maintained, as well as regularly updated. Some manufacturers, however, don’t roll out updates for older types of devices and this is the reason why they should be replaced – not for vanity but for safety reasons.

Even though your company has surely invested in security, you can never fully get off your toes and forget about it. However, there are measures to be taken to simply feel safer. If you wish to make your security better, visit our site and find out what we can do for you in this area.

If you want to discover other threats that keep CIOs and CTOs alert, don’t forget to read the second part of this post that will soon appear on our blog.

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