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IT outsourcing guide for DACH companies

date: 28 October 2021
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If you would like to complete your development process and bring your product to market faster, you can extend the capacity of your team with the addition of some third-party engineers for the duration of your project, without having to make any permanent hires. This is called staff augmentation and it is helpful in many ways.

In the sections below, I’ve compiled an entire list of how you can benefit from this method and what to look for when selecting the right company to augment your team – especially if your organisation is located in a DACH country.

Five ways software team augmentation can enhance and accelerate your software development process

1. Meet scalability requirements

As you proceed with your software development process, the problems associated with scaling up always seem to be looming. More often than not, it may not be financially feasible to hire local IT staff members, especially when you only have a single project in mind. Supporting your current IT team with experts provided by an IT partner may be an effective way to help you handle your workload – without having to onboard anybody new, provide them with additional benefits, or find other tasks for them once the project is finished.

2. Find specific skill sets

It’s often difficult to find the right talent, especially in a field as robust as IT.

Engaging outsourced experts has gained popularity as an optimal way to help companies access and benefit from the desired skills that they lack. Once you identify your specific needs, you just need to find a company that can provide you with specialists who are able to overcome the specific challenges related to your project. This is especially important when you need top-level experts in, for example, machine learning, cloud solutions, or data security, since it’s extremely difficult to find reliable talent in these areas.

3. Reduce costs

Cooperation with an IT partner may be less expensive than hiring local talent. Since they typically work remotely, you don’t have to worry about paying for their insurance, getting them involved in pension plans, and providing them with necessary hardware, gym memberships or meal discounts – not to mention keeping them on for later projects, after they’re finished with their initial job. Plus, all the costs related to the recruitment process drop out, so all you need to do is find a software company with access to a large talent pool, and they will help you find experts who can fill your specific needs.

4. Enhance productivity

The right team can optimise your workflow and present solutions that you may not have thought of previously. With the engaged experts, you can also improve your software development life cycle (SDLC). So, instead of trying to solve your problems in-house, consider working with external staff who can help you increase productivity and get you closer to your goals.

5. Save time

By engaging a whole team from your IT partner or adding additional team members who already have the required skills for your project, you save time on transferring this knowledge to existing team members. Also, you won’t have to onboard anyone; the team just have to familiarise themselves with your project, and then they can begin working on their tasks straight away.

That’s a lot of benefits, isn’t it? But the most essential thing here is to find the right IT partner that will be able to meet your requirements.

What should you consider when looking for the right company to augment your team?

1. Geographical proximity

Location is, in our opinion, a very important factor in successful software development outsourcing. Sharing a similar culture, the same time zone and working hours, and language proficiency with your partner makes the cooperation not only more pleasant but also much more productive. For DACH companies, the most natural partnership choices are companies based in Central and Eastern Europe, such as Poland (with Silesia at the helm), Hungary or the Ukraine.

2. Large talent pool

You need to find a company with access to skilled developers and diversified talent sources, such as staffing agencies or overseas divisions. They should also have an effective recruitment process that allows them to seamlessly hire new specialists, whenever needed.

3. EU membership

For German, Austrian and Swiss companies, cooperating with an IT partner that follows the same European regulations is crucial – especially in terms of the labour law or copyrights.

4. Technological innovations and management style

Organisations located in the DACH region, particularly German ones, place a lot of emphasis on innovation. So, if your business falls into one of these categories, then capabilities in cloud computing, process automation, and artificial intelligence, etc., should be one of your main focuses when selecting a company to augment your team. Ask about their expertise in these fields, and also make sure that the management methodologies they leverage suit your style.

Is working with an IT partner good for you?

As outlined above, there are many benefits to this approach. By cooperating with an IT partner you gain an access to more competences than just software development.

It’s good to start working together from the very beginning to work out the whole concept of the project, plan its roadmap and build a strategy.

These additional competences that you can benefit from are the ones that have a real impact on your project’s quality and its overall success.

So, if you need an entire team or you’re just missing a few specific experts don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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