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Just how innovative our cars have gotten?

date: 16 November 2016
reading time: 3 min

Twenty years ago, we wouldn’t have believed that our cars could ever become our own command centres. Right now, we are experiencing cars that can be more multifunctional than a Swiss army knife.

In the world when you don’t have to do anything and still drive a car, it is easy to believe that they offer a myriad of amenities. However, can cars still surprise us?

Read on and find out.


It is possible to connect your phone to your car – we all know that and most of us already take advantage of it. However, are there any other, newer possibilities? Well, you don’t know the half of it.
Modern cars will offer us features ranging from massaging chairs that detect if we are stressed, based on our heart rate, to streaming videos thanks to the car’s high speed connectivity.

This is not all though. In time, we may experience electronic payments in smart vehicles.
Additionally, shops will be able to present car drivers with special offers, available at their fingertips, on car’s dashboard.


As we’ve mentioned before, we can already experience integration on a daily basis. So, how much more complex may it get?

Imagine automatic notification when you are 10 minutes away from your home which activates heating and lights.
The real innovation that enters the car itself is Augmented Reality. In time, we will be able to use it to help us detect problems on the streets, or spot reckless or distracted pedestrians. In addition to that, it will work as a navigation system, showing directions, names of the streets or signs superimposed on your windshield.

Enhanced driving experience

Our cars will be our ultimate comfort zones – forget SPAs. This may sound like a bold statement but it is bound to become true. Why?

Well, cars will be packed with features that you’d never even think of. However, in the sheer volume of gadgets, let’s focus only on the very useful and smart add-ins.
Hexagonal vents – feature that not only charms with its design, but also helps with air circulation in your vehicle.

We may also anticipate cars without side mirrors. You may wonder how it’s possible? Well, they will be replaced with cameras packed with sensors, to quickly adjust to the situation on the road.
Lastly, sleeping on a hammock isn’t possible inside of a car, however sitting in a form of it will be. Kinetic seats will help you with stabilisation and provide comfort on longer routes. Plus, the aesthetics are excellent.

This, however, isn’t everything car industry has in stock for us. Innovations are boiling over and 2017 is just around the corner – what will the next year bring? We are quite excited to find out!

Do you wish to discover more? Wait for the second part of this series.


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