Future Processing on 2015's predictions

Let us reminisce the 2015

date: 5 January 2016
reading time: 3 min

Admit that a phrase ‘Where did this year go?’ has been uttered by you at least a few times already. Well, this is true, time flies. However let us take you on a trip down the memory lane and see how much ‘new’ and ‘innovative’ techy solutions it has brought. Because 2015 has been quite extraordinary, really!

As everything this year had its ups and downs. In the ocean of high-tech novelties, software changes and Poland being recognised among 20 fastest-growing economies  there were numerous security issues that well-known enterprises had to struggle with.

Major changes in the techy world
Some were astonished, others still don’t understand – Google rebranded itself and now wants to be called ‘Alphabet’. It is now a superior to all Google sectors like Chrome or YouTube, all of which won’t be financed equally. The Google itself, which now is an individual entity, has got a new CEO Sundar Pichari. Not only names have changed, tough. Alphabet started a new businesses like X lab. We are all curious what’s coming next.

Windows also went through a makeover this years, releasing Windows 10 for free, which triggered some mixed feelings. People notice many attempts for better usage, like ‘start-menu’ come-back or personal assistant Cortana. However, many complaint about its questionable speed but this wasn’t a real problem – apparently, Windows 10 (by default) is able to access your personal information, as well as listen to user’s microphones. This leads to sharing your data with Microsoft’s trustworthy partners… Not cool, Microsoft!

Novelties staying with us for good
Drones entered our everyday life and apparently are here to stay – most of us link them with very generic, commercial uses like taking selfies. However, this year unravelled their great potential.

Now, drones are widely used in many businesses, from construction industry to cinematography. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of possibilities that are left uncovered due to law regulations. Unfortunately we won’t see our parcels delivered by drones too soon.

Year of Internet of options
Self-driving cars, pollution detection or wearables. These are just a mere drop in the ocean of IoT possibilities. 2015 was a year when IoT market was thriving and new excellent ideas and prototypes have been released nearly every week. They give us hope that many aspects of our lives may get better.

However as everything, they also have shortcomings…

Security threats
… as we all know hackers do their best to make our lives harder. This year they proved by how much.

Dridex, attack on Bundestag, IoT and carjacking are just a few ‘hit’ words you might have seen in the headlines. Nevertheless, for many this year may have been educational due to these cases and apparently protection of virtual goods has never been so vivid, therefore new security solutions are being implemented.

BYOA or BYOD aren’t new expressions. However, since these threats turned out to be a bigger problem than everyone has ever thought. Different version of software, unlicensed programs, and employees’ job changing were just a tip of an iceberg. This is why BYOD and BYOA both needed to go through many restrictions because they caused a lot of security, incompatibility, and malware issues.

2015 surely was a year to remember. Innovations packed with incredible inventions and scary security threats. So, let us see if 2016 will be a year of learning by mistakes and surpassing the greatness of technical revolutions. Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?

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