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Let’s wrap 2016 up! Find out how this year influenced the tech world

date: 3 January 2017
reading time: 3 min

Here we are at this very moment again – the time when we check how accurate technology predictions were 12 months earlier. Would you like to find out how 2016 influenced the tech world?

Last year the prediction was that 2016 would be spinning around machine learning, sensors, and security problems. Well, these weren’t far from being on point – this year was especially about smartness and security.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning flourished in the last few months, even though it has been developing since 1952, when the first computer-learning program (game of checkers) was written. In time, it has been discovered that it can enhance very crucial aspects of our lives.

Robotic research is currently at its best, being a part of many processes surrounding us, the sector that is to be influenced the most by it is healthcare. Machine Learning may become indispensable, helping in the analysis of human behaviour or better diagnosis of diseases.


2016 will also be remembered for the development of smartness. The concept has been very complex already but last year we heard about it more and more thanks to smart machines and sensors located everywhere.

Not only was it progressing in cities and households, but also in hospitals and transportation.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more common. Just imagine that in the future robots will be able to do a myriad of things from predicting climate changes to curing diseases.

Why? Because nowadays researchers have access to much more complex, yet affordable tools. This, mixed with cloud computing and the development of neural networks, makes the studies even more compound.

Augmented Reality

Speaking of what was on everybody’s mouth in 2016 we cannot forget about Augmented Reality. Thanks to simple, entertaining, and free applications, it’s quickly becoming our daily bread.

The concept has become more universal thanks to Pokémon Go, where the merge of real-time elements and virtual features really became more perceivable.

What is more, it is predicted that by the end of 2017 Augmented Reality applications will make $300 billion in revenue and by 2020, they will be used by one billion users worldwide.


Last but not least, security was put to test and concerns became a reality. Let us focus on the latest outage, the Mirai attack, that took place in October.

The outage was caused by a DDoS attack, which means that the attackers overloaded the servers with a huge number of requests, which entirely disabled them. Because of that, major websites like Twitter, Reddit, and New York Times were inaccessible for many hours.

It was also the year when terms like brandjacking, phishing, and digital vandalism became more well-known.

As we hope you will all agree, 2016 predictions weren’t far from the truth. As for 2017, we can only hope that it will surprise us in many ways. However, after a very successful 2016, full of innovative solutions, it really must step up its game. Good luck, 2017!

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