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Managing a remote team – toolbox for Team Leaders

date: 7 April 2020
reading time: 5 min

Leading a team that works remotely for long time is a challenge. Especially if it is a new situation for some of the team members. Fortunately, there are a lot of online solutions and tools available to help you keep the work efficiency and team spirit on the highest level, no matter if you are working from the office or from home.

We talked to the Team Leaders at Future Processing and prepared a list of tools they find particularly useful while working from homes. Some of them are related to improving team’s communication, other helping organising workshop and retros or managing the projects. Most of them have got free plans or demo versions so that it is possible to try them without any strings attached. 

We hope you’ll find them useful as well.

Communication platforms 

  • Slack – open and private team communication as well as sharing files.   
  • Krisp – muting background noise during calls – compatible with various communication platforms. 

Tools for remote workshops & online whiteboards 

  • Miro – collaborating with a remote whiteboard that is easy to use and rich in options  
  • Mural – collaborating remotely- tool for brainstorming, workshop, planning, designing and more 

Kanban boards for project management 

  • Asana – planning and structiring work, setting priorities, sharing details and managing tasks 

Cloud for accessing documents from wherever you are 

  • Office 365 – storing files, sharing it with other people- integrated with all the Microsoft tools  

Tools for conducting restrospective meetings 

Tools for creating polls & surveys 

Tools for feedback 

  • The Team Canvas – organising team meetings, resolving conflicts and building productive team culture 
  • Office vibe – creating surveys, planning 1-on-1s, anonymous messaging, tracking progress (reports) 

Time management tools 

  • Timezone  – informing “when” your team members are at the time if working from different timezones 

Document editing and writing tools 

Tools for creating graphs & mindmaps 

There is a great load of software solutions that help to manage a remote team. They are powerful tools that can positively influence your team’s efficiency and sense of working together as a team, even if not located together in one office.  
If you have problems managing your remote time or don’t know how to start, why not try using the ones from the above list?  

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