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Managing assessment of doctors made easier thanks to our work

date: 6 July 2015
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Our cooperation started with Zircadian – a company providing software and services for managing doctors in the UK. However, Zircadian was bought by Allocate and is now a part of the Allocate Software HealthSuite family of workforce, patient flow and governance solutions.

Future Processing teams work on few projects for Allocate simultaneously. One of the biggest projects we work on is E360 web application, which helps to manage periodic assessment of doctors.

We provided a dedicated team responsible for the development process and quality assurance aspect. However, before the development started, we had to design the architecture of the solution from the very beginning.

At the end of July 2014 there were 4144 evaluated doctors and 7497 surveys completed in E360 system.

Due to entrusting software development outsourcing to Future Processing, Allocate managed to achieve significant cost-savings, compared to the UK, not losing on quality. Our cooperation resulted in a much shorter time to market and gave the Client more flexibility in resource allocation.

The project helped demonstrate to the Client a template for successful, multi-location SCRUM development. To foster open communication, which is a keystone to agile implementation, both sides constantly stay in touch  for technical and management issues.

Over the years we acquired a lot of knowledge about Allocate and their needs. Having learned that, we have domain contribution and we can propose improvements. Together with the Client we think what to do to help them achieve what they really want. We are trusted when it comes to offering solutions and refining requirements.

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