Migration work for Steamship Mutual

date: 3 March 2015
reading time: 2 min

Our cooperation with Steamship Mutual started in 2008, when their IT department noticed that the resource pool for maintaining the core insurance systems, written in PowerBuilder, was rapidly declining with a consequent risk to the business.

Our Client found that supporting several applications that are of critical importance to the business was becoming increasingly difficult and costly, because of the old code they were written in.

‘The migration work was a large programme and we simply didn’t have enough developers in-house. We were impressed with the work that Future Processing had done so far. Future Processing was not just an obvious, but also a convenient choice for us’

Mike Poole IT business systems manager at Steamship Mutual.

Working with such a large programme presents many challenges. The PowerBuilder code was difficult to read, the procedures and business logic behind the code were highly complex and had evolved. It soon became clear to us that with this code as our main guide, the migration will require meticulous work, involving many developers.

The new .NET applications created by Future Processing, along with the supporting documentation gave the Client the change for further development of their business.

We have eliminated the risk of not being able to maintain Steamship’s core systems and ensured the continuity of their core business during migration. After the migration, they could successfully develop their business.

In the long-run, the applications will be easier to maintain and upgrade, and consequently will last much longer.

The look and feel of the application is more modern and intuitive, therefore users are more satisfied. What’s more, the new functionality that the Future Processing team added enables users to automate more tasks and complete critical business process a lot quicker.

Last but not least, the project was delivered at a considerably lower cost than in-house or on-shore development.


Our mobile department worked with Steamship Mutual as well, find out what they did!

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