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Outsourcing in a nutshell

date: 17 November 2015
reading time: 6 min

Have you ever wondered if running a company can be made easier? Have you ever dreamed of something that could take care of the backlog of work that you’ve been struggling with? Well, let us introduce a perfect model for you – outsourcing.

Actually, software development outsourcing can offer much more than just the above mentioned benefits. All to help you make the most of your company’s budget and resources, without hiring expensive programmers to implement your ideas.

But what actually is outsourcing? It is the term used to describe the cooperation between two companies, usually from different countries, where one is the provider of services or processes on the other’s behalf.

This model has been evolving for the last 35 years and went through many adjustments. In time,  few types of outsourcing has emerged, the most popular ones being:

  • Offshore outsourcing – it is basically the cooperation between companies from distant countries.
  • Nearshore outsourcing – it is very similar to the above-mentioned however, you cooperate with neighbouring countries, often within similar time zone, which enables more frequent visits and easier contact.

 What can outsourcing offer to your company?

In these hectic times, being on top of things is a must-have if you want to keep your company afloat. However, not every company has the budget necessary to do it. How to combine cost-effectiveness with remarkable quality? Each company is different and needs different type of support, but some aspects are always universal and rarely change.

So if you are looking for…

  • Time to develop your business –you are freed from many actions connected with managing your project. From planning, through supervision to market analysis. Thanks to having your outsourcing team implementing your ideas, you finally have time to concentrate on your main goal, which is developing your business.
  • High quality – your development team consists of experts in their fields, they follow the latest technology trends, use well-established technologies, and do their best to make sure that the end product will be developed according to the highest quality standards and last for years.
  • Cost reduction – sometimes training and hiring developers in-house is not cost-effective. In such cases, outsourcing is a real godsend. Not only do your external partners know the market well, but also they know their domain and can help you develop a fully functional product that you’ve always dreamt of. Another merit of this solution is the fact that you don’t have any unnecessary expenses because you pay only for the services you require.
  • Time saving – outsourcing gives you a chance to have the cake and eat it too. You are able to tackle two things at the same time – while you focus on developing your business, your outsourcing partner takes care of backlog that you’ve been struggling with. What is more, in the era of widespread Internet connection, you can save even more time using outsourcing, since your developers are just a skype call away.

… then outsourcing will be perfect for you and your business!

Nevertheless, it is not a silver bullet. That is why, the moment you decide to choose this model and trust someone outside of your company, there are some things you need to focus on if you want to build a relationship with your outsourcing partner and make the most of it.

There are some tips you can follow:

  • Keep in touch – outsourcing partnership will fully work only when you understand that communication is what matters the most. Your partner wants to deliver a product according to your very needs that is why you need to stay involved throughout the process and make your expectations clear. Also, you should focus on choosing a partner in similar time zone, which will make it easy to keep communication frequent.
  • Think about the contract – there are many types of IT contracts to choose from, e.g. time & materials, fixed price etc. Appropriate business agreement can be detrimental to the success of outsourcing your software development. It is important to decide on the one that is best suited to your needs. The contract must reflect what was agreed on during the negotiations, specify the scope of the project and focus on business outcomes that both sides want to achieve.
  • Choose wisely – it is important that you look for an outsourcing partner with knowledge and capabilities, who will always try to deliver the software developed according to industry’s best practices. Look for companies with vast expertise, who have similar goals and will understand your business.
  • Get involved – no matter how good your vendor company is, no matter how much expertise they have, you still need to remain involved, because nobody knows your business as well as you do. Your commitment can have very tangible effects on the final product. So communicate your expectations, which will empower the supplier to deliver the best service.
  • Have a plan in mind – it is vital for you to know what you want to achieve. Keep in mind that your initial plan will go through modifications during the development, nevertheless, the main idea usually remains the same. Make sure to be specific and have it from the very beginning.

If you feel that outsourcing may be the model for you, then the next step you must take is think about the location.

We consider it to be an important factor for successful software development outsourcing, and we are proud to say that Poland has become one of world’s favourite.

Polish economy has been constantly developing and Poland is now perceived as a leading outsourcing destination for IT services. According to Bloomberg, Poland is one of the fastest-growing economies of 2015, with GDP forecasted to expand to around 3.1 percent.. Poland was also listed 2nd most attractive IT outsourcing location in the latest KPMG report.

Investors are attracted by university graduates, who are highly competent, with skills that enable them to meet the demands of multinational companies and can guarantee long-term effects. Also, tax incentives and location draw IT companies to Polish market – that’s why, it is expected to grow even more, year by year.

That’s why, if you want to develop successful products, outsourcing to Poland may be the way to go.

As you can see, outsourcing can be a great solution that offers extensive cost reduction, hand in hand with excellent quality and economics of scale.

However, once you decide that it is the answer to your problems and start looking for outsourcing company, make sure to choose your partner well. Take your time to get to know them, not only on a professional but also on a personal level. Then hire the partner you feel you can trust and who is willing to adapt as your needs evolve.

In the end these will be the key factors determining how easy it will be for both of you to work together.

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