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Poland – 2nd most attractive IT outsourcing location!

date: 7 April 2015
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In the latest KPMG report Poland was listed 2nd most attractive IT outsourcing location. Our country has once again been noticed in the field of outsourcing, which made it world’s absolute favorite European location.

Poland is a constantly growing country with stable economic and political situation. This, in addition to being a member of European Union, makes it a secure choice. Also, Poland is known for having a vast talent pool of IT professionals with unquestioned competence in their field.

According to KPMG, most preferable outsourcing locations are India (42%), Poland (8%) and Brazil (6%). The report showed that flexibility and cost reduction are the biggest challenges of IT functions. In the next 2-3 years, reasons for software development outsourcing are bound to change. Clients will mostly focus (apart from cost savings) on quality improvement (21%), access to skills (19%), financial flexibility and the outsourced product’s time to market (both 11%).. Established and mature organisations will put emphasis on centralisation of their IT functions. However, 73% of public sector organisations still refuse to use neither offshore nor near-shore outsourcing.

The report also covered the issue of the cloud not being noticed as a cost-effective solution. The cloud is about to grow and play a critical role in the business change.

Unfortunately, cloud adoption is still very slow. KPMG report showed that 60% of respondents pay little attention to it, not realising its potential and spend less than 10% of their IT budget on cloud. It may be all due to certain dangers like security and privacy risks (28%) or concerns spinning around IT integration with the existing operating systems (17%).

It is clearly visible that Poland is one of the top outsourcing choices and the world is becoming more and more conscious of Poland’s status and possibilities. Since outsourcing has already became a ‘must have’ for IT companies, Poland’s position may strengthen even more.

*The report collated responses from Client organizations across EMEA, ASPAC and the Americas regions, and covered all commercial sectors, including both central and local government. It comprised senior buyers and key outsourcing decision makers, such as CXOs and their direct reports. For the first time, Service Providers were asked to complete their own survey, with over 330 respondents giving their views on the market and future trends.

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