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date: 14 April 2015
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Looking back, each and every company had to take care of their own software. Not only did they have to install it but also pay attention to maintenance, which is often a painstaking task. This usually meant extra costs and lots of effort.

Now all that is no longer a problem, since companies have the time and cost saver, namely software as a service (SaaS). It is nothing more but a software subscription available everywhere and naturally, it is always up to date.

SaaS caters to businesses of all sizes. It is a type of a managed service, working on a usage subscription model, paid regularly. All customers can effortlessly enter their data over the network, wherever they are. What is more, users pay only for the software and features they need and don’t have to worry about additional costs. Since SaaS is used in the multitenant environment, scalability is much faster and highly beneficial for clients.

Let’s take a look why popularity of SaaS is increasing:

Easy installation

The software you pay for is very easy to implement. You don’t have to worry about configuration and installation processes because you receive a complete, ready-to-use product. Also, maintenance of the system is vendor’s responsibility. This eliminates the exhaustive problems with software deployment. Additionally, provided applications are easy to adopt.

More integration

SaaS works in the cloud (read more about it here), which enables full integration and scalability with other SaaS features. This pay-as-you-go model means that whenever you need any additional programs or applications, you gain paid access to them in the cloud services. Apart from that, users can enter their data, regardless of their location and hardware they use.

Lower Costs

SaaS guarantees vast savings. Since it is based on subscription model financial risks are ruled out, not to mention costs are bound to be lower. You pay for your software periodically and always receive the latest version. Also, you don’t need to supply any licence – SaaS is located in the cloud that delivers the environment shared by many companies. Such solution reduces the extensive maintenance costs.


SaaS completely eliminates the need to upgrade and update your software because it is all done by the provider. This guarantees incredibly easy and uninterrupted operation of the system and, once again, lowers the costs of the process because no specialised services are needed. What is more, SaaS protects you from the differences variances between software versions used in you company, which eliminates compatibility issues.

Software as a Service can be really beneficial – regardless the size of your company. It is a great opportunity that eliminates the need to invest in very expensive solutions and provides constant IT support. Also, it optimises the costs and usability of software in the company without painful and time-consuming processes. Generally, it gives you a chance to focus on things you know best.

As you can see, the benefits of SaaS are undeniable.

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