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date: 1 July 2014
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The topic of security seems to be on everybody’s mouth. Since many companies suffer from security breaches, it is important not to stand still losing ground.

The results of the study conducted by IDG Research indicate that as many as 61% of companies surveyed are trying to strengthen their security. This will enable them to react faster and more effectively to any potential risks. These attempts are apparently not enough, since most of the respondents report that neither the number nor the severity of security breaches is decreasing. Also, 46% report that detecting attacks may take up to even few days, whereas 54% claim that resolving them can be a matter of months, which certainly doesn’t help the situation.

Some companies have already adopted security automation, in order to, among other things, mitigate risk and protect customer data. But is there really a need for such an approach?

Based on the above mentioned results of IDG Research, the answer is clear. However, only a quarter of respondents are comfortable with automating some security processes. Another 57% are willing to automate only low-level processes but only if there is some level human involvement as well.

What are the barriers then? The top one (56%) is cost. Another most-frequently listed, like the need for external guidance, have very little in common with technical issues, which suggest that implementing security automation is more about educating the staff on how to approach it.

Increased complexity of IT environments paired with growing number of security threats highlights the need for introducing security automation. First of all, companies would be able to respond to security alerts within minutes. Also, since security is a 24/7 matter, automation allows companies to make better use of security experts’ time, reducing the need of doing mundane tasks. Last but not least, the risk of data loss is significantly reduced.

The good thing is that companies, once uneasy about automation and uncomfortable with the idea, today, see such technology as not only beneficial but also cost effective.

That is why, we are proud to have a strong team of security-focused engineers, whose work is tailored to customer needs and can be adapted to changing requirements.

You can read more about our specialists here.

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