Eight companies that revolutionise Fintech and Insuretech landscape
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Seven companies that revolutionise Fintech and Insuretech landscape

date: 26 February 2021
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The ideas and knowledge delivered by people who are not afraid of challenges and the use of new technologies bring us revolutionary solutions. Thanks to them we learn about the potential of the financial and insurance industry, which is going through a period of intensive and exciting technological changes.

It has progressively become an area of opportunity for businesses that want to address inefficiencies and lack of customer focus in the current system. Their products and services are designed to be clear and most importantly beneficial to the client. There are a lot of interesting companies to keep track of but we recommend that you have a look at the following:


  • Adyen
    A payment platform that provides a modern, complex infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard and other preferred payment methods for consumers worldwide. Adyen’s goal is to build a platform that can meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s fast-growing international companies. As the only payment platform that fully supports unified commerce, they provide a seamless payment experience. And they are appreciated by a lot of companies including Facebook, L’Oreal, Spotify, and Uber.

  • CurrencyCloud
    A flexible platform designed to simplify the management of international payments to meet all the challenges that customers face. Currencycloud allows you to collect, convert, pay and manage multiple currencies at the same time, regardless of your location. They want to give the right tools to companies that are shaping the future of financial services allowing them to build the next generation of payment innovation. Last year they took their cross-border payments offering to the next level by becoming a member of SWIFT gpi. This gives them the possibility to offer customers an automatic payment tracking.

  • Bud
    At the beginning, it was an educational platform aimed at improving people’ financial condition. Now, it’s also a platform that allows international banks to leverage the power of open banking and provide value to their clients. Through being shaped by a culture of ethical data use and cooperation with large institutions, Bud is able to raise standards for both Open Banking and Financial Services. Their team, which consists of 80% of people from outside the financial world, provides them with a wider and unique perspective to help clients experience greater control over their lives.

  • kompany
    kompany is the international leader in global business verification, providing advanced solutions to financial institutions and corporations around the world for all their Business KYC (or KYB) needs. Serving over 50,000 customers across more than 100 countries kompany is recognized as a leading RegTech pioneer. Their solutions help customers conduct their due diligence activities, empowering them to anticipate stricter AML legislation via the use of fully audit-proof data.

  • Bitpanda
    People at Bitpanda believe in the power of cryptocurrencies, digitised assets and blockchain technology. They want to remove the barriers to personal finance and innovate traditional financial products. Bitpanda has 1.8 million users and more than 330 team members. They have grown into a popular trading platform for newbies and experts alike where users can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, gold and over 50 other digital assets.



  • Laka
    The company’s aim is to correct the defective insurance sector by offering short and simple, designed policies that customers can actually understand. They offer bicycle and recovery insurance which really works in the clients’ favour. Laka will not charge you a fixed sum in advance. Instead, they calculate your contribution based on the actual cost of your claims in a given month. Lately, the company has announced raising €4.2 million for its insurance platform, to install its HQ in Amsterdam and expand across the rest of Europe.

  • Insurello
    It is a Swedish Insurtech company that provides its customers with a digital solution for obtaining fair compensation from insurance suppliers after accidents. They concentrate on rebalancing the power between customers and insurance companies. Insurello’s customers can feel at ease without having to worry about making stressful phone calls and time-consuming paperwork. More than 150,000 insurance claims have been handled by Insurello so far, and more than 15 million euros of compensation paid to their consumers.

Wrap up

We believe that these are the most promising companies that have a very bright future ahead of them. They have innovative products and services that are really worth exploring. Taking into consideration their approach and solutions, we cannot wait to see how they revolutionise the Fintech and Insuretech landscape.

Interested in knowing which companies we’ve partnered with? Check our case studies and discover projects we’ve delivered for businesses from various industries.

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