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SharePoint to the rescue!

date: 27 October 2015
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Imagine a space where nothing gets lost. A space where everything works – related, easily accessible, under control and only few clicks away. Can you guess what is it?

Yes, you are right, it’s SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool that gathers all the merits Intranet has to offer. It can help you to, among others, keep company’s digital assets secure and attainable anytime, increase transparency, optimize business processes and improve both, internal and external communication.

If you are still looking for tools that can improve the way your company works, don’t look any further.

SharePoint itself offers a wide range of possibilities, however to help you make to most of its potential, it can be adjusted to suit your particular needs. To prove that these are not just empty words, below we present the solutions that we have customised for daily use within our company:

  • Skills portal

No more wondering who’s doing what and where. SharePoint allows you to assign and reassign employees to specific projects and look up their skill sets and certificates.

This increases efficiency of work, as you can manage the potential of your employees. People can work in projects they are perfectly suited for, thanks to your knowledge on their skill level and attitude towards it.

  • Assignment portal

In big companies it is hard to keep up with the structure. SharePoint helps to keep it under control as it gives you easy access to holistic view on the company departments and its members.

You can also easily assign and reassign employees to projects or departments, which gives you better control on company workload and, at the same time, allows you to save money thanks to efficient allocation of resources.

  • Training portal

Each person has potential to grow – this is why, companies need tools to manage all the trainings they provide to employees. Share Point is perfect for that because it helps you implement highly efficient tools to manage dozens of internal and external trainers and trainings.

You can also generate statistics, check participants’ presence, have easy access to dashboard with calendars… and that’s only the beginning of the list.

  • Internal communication portal

Everybody needs a break once in a while. Using SharePoint allows you to create a great place to ease up and catch up on company’s life. News, lunch service, kudo box, newsfeed, blogs, and all important personal data (including vacation days) can be seen there.

The main advantage of such solution is that it reduces a number of communication channels into a single platform with easy access.

  • Employee evaluation

Evaluating employees in small companies is fairly easy, but when it comes to bigger ones… well that’s a whole different story. The process can be made easier thanks to SharePoint.

No more pen and paper check boxes to tick because everything you need is right there in workflows with pre-defined criteria. Need historical data of past evaluations or make changes in terms of contract?  Everything is one click away, to get rid of long, time consuming and error prone evaluation processes.

  • Recruitment portal

Recruitment is another area in which SharePoint can help. You have the possibility to link your recruitment portal with social media to broaden the range or to keep base of potential candidates to reduce recruitment time and cost.

Thanks to SharePoint you can also evaluate candidates using one comprehensive e-form, easily create statistics, or use search engine to find information located in e-mails attachments.

The solutions described here helped us solve many challenges. But you should keep in mind that these are only examples of what you can do thanks to Share Point. Regardless of the industry or country, companies struggle with similar problems that must be addressed one way or another.

Looking at our own experience, investment in SharePoint pays off.

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