Should we trust machines?

date: 2 February 2016
reading time: 2 min

Handymen, plumbers, engineers – watch out! It can be sooner than you think that your services may not be necessary. How is it possible? Let us explain.

Do you remember our previous blog post about Internet of Things? We presumed that by 2020, billions of devices are to be connected. Well, the moment they all become connected, will be the very moment some of them will request certain support.

How will we manage them? There is a possibility that maybe we won’t have to and machines will be capable of doing it all by themselves. However, it won’t happen at once.

What’s going to change?

First, most of these devices will be able to ask for repairs. Sounds like an easy thing to do, right? But when you think about the number of interconnected devices out there, it is really astounding.

This is not all, in time, companies will have to learn to treat these soulless machines as their customers. Not only will it mean dealing with far more requests from them, but also it will be slightly confusing.

Why? Because machines will be able to ask for lower prices or changes in contracts. Nonetheless, it won’t last long, since machines are to become much more independent.

Machine to Machine contact

In time, the machines’ support will become more efficient because we, humans, won’t have to worry about it.

We will enter the era of machine to machine (M2M) support, where machines and other devices can take care of themselves. Letting us, humans, focus on different tasks.

Should we be concerned?

Well, we should, since we’ll have to fully trust a machine. Furthermore, enterprises will have to deal with layoffs, since people will be replaced by robots. In addition, it will be harder to optimise customers experience because we will be dealing with brass-like entities, instead of human beings.

Right now it may all seem scary. However, in time, we will get used to the new reality. Let’s face it, we’ve been through a lot of changes which we eventually accepted and cannot imagine our lives without them. Now we have to wait, since true sci-fi future is just around the corner.


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