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Sky’s the limit. What’s new in Smart Transport?

date: 28 March 2017
reading time: 3 min

Even though self-driving cars make us a little bit apprehensive, we still want to dig deeper into their progression. So, what is new in Smart Transport?

Global demand for smartness has increased and we can witness the ongoing changes. The transportation sector has got a tough job – not only must it focus on the security of data, but also on the security of the individuals. Are you curious what inventions are about to enter our market? Read on and find out.

Unusual car rental service

Most of us already know or have used bike rental services – where you rent a bike at one place and return it at another, paying an hourly fee. In several cities, you can experience this ease with cars.

Cars are available to rent at specially selected parking lots, for short time-periods (up to six hours) via smartphone apps and can be returned at designated places, usually close to metro stations.

Customers of this service, can track available cars in order to book the chosen one. What is more, the car can be operated and opened only by the payer as its door opens by clicking an icon on the smartphone app and engine starts by entering a PIN code in the device installed inside the vehicle.

This facilitation enhances commuters’ mobility due to the end-to-end transportation solution.

And on a more futuristic note…

Flying cars

Is Jetsons’ reality upon us? Are flying cars our looming future? It certainly seems so. Airbus and Italdesign came up with a project of a car that can fly.

Its design may seem bizarre – it looks like a mixture of a car and a drone, yet all of its modules are there for a reason.

Pop.UP – because that’s how it was named –  has been designed in such a way, to serve as a car and a ‘plane’ at once. Whenever a need occurs, it can be disconnected from its wheels and collected by a drone in order to take you from point A to point B. Also, it is fully autonomous and may enter the market within the next 10 years.

Its creators claim that the sky is still underutilised and their invention may solve traffic issues.

Having read that, you’re probably wondering – is there really a need for such inventions? We live in overcrowded times and this is where smart transport solutions come in handy. Relieving streets of vehicles may help with fumes’ reduction, as well as decrease the costs of living since you won’t have to own a car. Are we witnessing a revolution? Definitely.

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