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So you think your computer was cheap? Think again.

date: 1 December 2015
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Have you ever wondered what can be bought for 5 USD? A hat? A mug? A pizza? You are in for a big surprise, since now 5 USD is enough to buy…a computer!

For a few days now the words on everybody’s mouth are ‘Raspberry Pi Zero’.  What hides behind them? Read on because you are just about to find out.

The whole line of Raspberry Pi was introduced by Raspberry Pi Foundation and is made up of low-cost, single board computers, with quite considerable capabilities.

Initially Raspberry Pi was created to promote learning the basics of IT among kids, by driving down the cost of computer hardware. However, when in 2012 it entered mass production it had sold in over two million units within two years, becoming THE choice for DIY programming projects because of its computing power, credit card size, and its 25 USD price.

Right now the Foundation took a step further and introduced Raspberry Pi Zero. What distinguishes it, apart from the price, is the fact that it is about half the size of a credit card being 65mm long, 30mm wide, and 5mm tall. Therefore it is the smallest, thinnest, and cheapest computer to date.

What do we have in this package? The heart of the computer is Broadcom BCM2835 processor with a clock frequency equal to 1 GHz, which is said to be about 40% faster than the first model, being three times smaller.

The computer, running on Linux, is also equipped with 512MB of RAM, a microSD card slot, a mini HDMI output, and two microUSB ports used for supplying data and energy.

Raspberry Pi Zero has already been released in the UK, however its first delivery was immediately sold out. But there’s no need to worry – the computer can also be obtained as a free supplement to the December issue of the The MagPi magazine.

Remember the times when you could get a DVD with a newspaper? Well, now you can get a computer! So there’s nothing left for you to do than to go get yourself one of those!



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