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Software development outsourcing trends

date: 24 November 2014
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With this post we’d like to invite you to our new blog series. We’ll start with sharing with you our tips on how to make the most of outsourcing. You’ll read about best locations to outsource, how to achieve real cost savings and, among others, we’ll reveal some outsourcing lies.

In today’s whitepaper, we comment on what has been predicted as the future of outsourcing in 2014. So… have a nice read and enjoy!

Growth of software development outsourcing industry in 2013 was definitely noticeable. That’s why, predictions were made that 2014 will also bring a lot of good news. National Outsourcing Association has published a report that aims to list some software development outsourcing trends to watch.

Let’s see what was predicted, shall we?

Software Development Outsourcing Trends – 2020 Update

Are you a startup owner in need of an overview of changes in the IT sector or a CTO who wants to refresh a software development strategy? If yes, this software development guide will keep you updated on what to keep an eye on in 2020.

Everything you need to know about software trends in 2020 according to experts.

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