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Software Quality Part Two_
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My last post was about ensuring quality in the short term. This one is about achieving long-term quality in offshore development.

At Future Processing we have the maxim, “Quality Always Makes Sense” displayed on the wall because I believe it should be fundamental to software development. While needs-based or even make-shift code works for a while, there always comes a point where it needs to be fixed, integrated with new code or just refreshed and the huge amount of ensuing labour to make it work removes all the initial time savings it create. Or, worse still, the amount of effort required, means the software is ditched and you start from scratch on a new system or application.

One other point I’d like to mention is about quality measures. There are so many out there and there is no particular right or wrong way to measure quality. But, what is the point in any of this if there are no correlations between the measures and the actual of the final deliverable? To really see the value of your long-terms efforts in producing quality software, you need to track your measures, over time, against software you produce.

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