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A great software development team

Software development is our core business. Like me, many people at Future Processing have been programming since their early teens – you could say it’s in our blood. Clients often ask me for advice on how to create or improve their in-house development teams. My response is almost always the same: there is no simple, magic formula.

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Industry challenges

Last week a journalist asked me what I felt the major challenges affecting the offshore software development industry will be over the next few years. It’s a tough question to answer and one that has left me ruminating for the past few days.

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Software development to become part of the UK national curriculum

Michael Gove was courting controversy few weeks ago when, in a speech he made at Brighton College, the education secretary seemed to criticise children who played computer games rather than learning to programme.  Like many programmers in their 30’s and 40’s and many of those who commented on Twitter, I too first became interested in computing and then programming through computer games.

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The Benchmarking Evolution

Traditionally IT departments have used benchmarking – where internal processes are measured and then compared with other organisations – to tighten up the way existing processes are carried out, whether by external suppliers or internal teams. Outsourcing is evolving and it is altering the way benchmarking is being carried out too.

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Pricing models in the spotlight

At a recent IT industry event I went to, I was surprised at how many questions were about pricing models and the advantages of what was termed ‘input versus output based costing’. It seems that a lot of IT directors are now looking at pricing models as a way to cut their costs further.

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Location distant agile development

Following my last post about nearshore software development remaining popular, I thought that some people might be questioning whether either offshore or nearshore development remain an option when it comes to agile. And if not, does the rise and rise of agile mean that offshore software development now has a rather limited future?

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