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Centralising your quality assurance

In the past eighteen months or so, I have noticed that large, multinational organisations have started to move towards a centralised approach to software quality control. More often than not, this central point of ‘quality’ is an external provider.

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A software testing experience

  It is always a great honour to be chosen as a contributor to well-known academic or trade publication. Paweł Oczadły, a Quality Assurance engineer at Future Processing, recently had an article he authored accepted by Testing Experience – one of the most well-respected publications for software testers globally.

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Maximising the skills of your offshore partner

  As the offshore software development industry has matured, the reasons that companies choose to offshore have altered too. It is true that price or cost reduction remains one of the main drivers for our customers, however other factors are gaining in importance too. One of these is about learning from specialists.

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Should you separate your quality assurance?

A couple of days ago, a white paper on outsourcing software testing dropped into my inbox.  I was interested to read it, because we do offer a ‘QA only’ service – although most of our clients choose to use Future Processing for software development as well as testing.

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It takes two to innovate

Recently the National Outsourcing Association conducted some research into innovation in outsourcing.  What surprised me about the results is the fact that while customer and outsourcers are both interested in innovation – 70% of respondents consider innovation to be very important – only the outsourcer seems to be

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Doing more than you are asked

Yesterday, I met a prospective client who is looking for an offshore company to look after the QA for a particular software development project. Describing his requirements, he said, “I am looking for a QA team that does more than they are asked for.” Probing a bit further, I found that actually this was a very reasonable request.

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