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Tech Companies recognised by Clutch in 2020 and 2021

date: 15 June 2021
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It is no secret that IT companies are on the rise in 2020 and 2021. There are many excellent businesses out there, which are getting recognised. This time, we'll look at Clutch's various rankings.

Here’s our list of the most important software development and business services rankings prepared by Clutch in 2020 and 2021.

What is Clutch?

Founded in 2013, Clutch has become the ratings and reviews platform for IT and marketing service providers. The main benefits of using Clutch are a better market presence and brand reputation for companies as well as enabling potential clients to find their dream team. Listing over 150,000 agencies, Clutch provides unbiased reviews written by appropriate, independent analysts and customers. It’s become their tradition to release multiple rankings every year, which are determined by combining hundreds of reviews and ratings.

Clutch covers virtually all areas of these sectors, ranging from custom software solutions, data science, Virtual Reality, business services, to Artificial Intelligence, and much more.

Clutch IT/software development rankings in 2020 and 2021

A lot of great companies compete for the privilege of appearing in Clutch’s rankings. Numerous firms get distinguished, and we created a list of the ones that in our opinion, are definitely worth a closer look.

Future Processing – an IT company appearing in a number of prestigious Clutch rankings at the top spots in 2020 and 2021.

Future Processing has been named one of the best software development providers in Poland and selected among the Top 100 IT Services Providers in Poland. The company was also enlisted among Highly-Rated B2B Companies in the Custom Software Development Sector.

Top IT Services Providers Among Selected Categories for 2021

Due to providing high quality specialised IT services Clutch enlisted Future Processing in the worldwide ranking of best companies in terms of Microsoft Azure technical expertise.

Top-Performing Development Companies in Poland

Finally, Clutch has released a report about top-performing IT companies, wherein Future Processing was among the top 10. What is more, in both 2020 and 2021, Future Processing made its way as one of the top IT providers.

Other tech companies presented in reports by Clutch in 2021

Business service providers in Poland

If you’re looking for a solid, well-established, and experienced provider, look no further.

The first place in the ranking by Clutch for best business service providers was awarded to ICEO – Venture Builder, whereas the runner-ups were Talent Place and Bee Talents. All of the companies that made their way into the report help businesses grow by providing top-notch services in various sectors of development.

ICEO – Venture Builder are an expert venture builder and complete team of practitioners. With a focus on profitability, monetisation and digital product implementation in industries such as FinTech, Legaltech, Smartcity (etc.), ICEO provides comprehensive support to entrepreneurs with their idea from the concept stage through architecture plans all the way up until successful execution.

Talent Place was established in response to the demand for staff in the BPO and SSC industries. The first project they implemented concerned recruiting candidates who spoke German at that time. They hired ambassadors who promoted job offers on universities’ campuses as well as remote recruiters to make it possible to complete recruitment 100% remotely using crowd staffing methods based on their employees’ skill sets.

Bee Talents was founded with a goal to provide startups in Western Europe all the necessary support for building their team, developing HR marketing strategy and hiring IT specialists. They have conducted hundreds of job interviews resulting from which they learned how to identify outstanding candidates that will contribute greatly to an organisation by utilising efficient communication skills and acting according to GTD methodologies. The experience gathered working in event management, the education industry, as well as software development, has taught them how combining available resources can efficiently help accomplish goals.

B2B Leaders in the Artificial Intelligence Space

If you’re in need of an AI-powered bot, then Clutch’s selection of B2B AI solution providers could be a great place to start looking. As an international ranking, there’s a vast array of companies that are specialised in fields such as chatbots, cognitive computing, machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and robotics.

Again, to satisfy the tradition, Clutch has determined the top companies for each sector of AI. These are Master of Code Global for chatbots and NLP, Oxagile for cognitive computing, MobiDev for machine learning, and Waverley Software for robotics.

Master of Code is a full-scale design and development company that offers integrated web, mobile, chatbot solutions as well as its own out of the box products like Presentain. Located in seven offices around the world with more than two hundred employees globally, Master of Code has been providing high-quality products for companies all over since 2004.

MobiDev is a software development company that creates complex business-driven solutions, with a focus on innovation and transparency of actions. Experts in Industrial IoT & Augmented Reality, Data Science & Machine Learning, Microservices& cloud infrastructure as well native mobile & desktop development – MobiDev has delivered more than 350 products globally over its 10 years of existence.

Oxagile is one of the most well-known and successful IT companies in today’s scene. Over its decade long history, they have successfully developed a variety of solutions for their clients in different industries including Media & Entertainment, Education Technology, Advertising/Marketing Services, as well as Healthcare. They’ve worked with such high profile names as Google and Disney to name but two examples among many others.

Top-Performing B2B Companies in the Web Development Space

The Web Development sector is one of the fastest-growing fields of software development, surpassing most other areas. If you’re looking to develop a web application using innovative solutions, you might have found just the thing for you.

Clutch created a report consisting of specialisations like BigCommerce, Drupal, Magento, NodeJS, PHP, Python & Django, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, Shopify, Sitecore, and WordPress. While all of the companies listed there are worthy of mentioning, these two especially caught our eye.

Rave Digital, the winner of the Magento category, founded in 2008, is a top-rated Magento Certified, Adobe Magento Silver Partner focused on delivering cutting-edge eCommerce solutions for both B2B & B2C Industries. Headquartered in the US with 3 additional locations spanning the globe, they are experts on Open Source and M2 Commerce applications that have managed to grow exponentially over time because of their expertise and know-how when it comes to developing custom online stores.

Silk Software a leading competitor that is able to provide customised solutions for B2B and B2C clients with a decade of experience in the eCommerce industry. They strive to help their clients stand out from their competition with their efficient and cost-effective digital commerce products, so they can propel your business forward into an ever-evolving competitive marketplace.

Leading Companies in App Development

Lastly, we’d like to mention the leaders in the category of app development. That’s another sector that has been growing wildly during the past few years, and with the pandemic still at large, this development has only been accelerated by an influx of new mobile device users.

The report was comprised of Android App Development App Modernization, CRM & Sales Enablement App Developers, Cross-Platform App Developers, E-Commerce App Developers, React Native Developers, iPad App Developers, and iPhone & iOS App Developers. We believe that two of the firms listed there earned an additional mention.

WillowTree®, the winners of CRM & Sales Enablement App Developers, helps companies develop a mobile strategy to launch the most creative and successful products. They tailor their services by providing strategic advice at every stage of production, as well as being experts in all aspects of design, development, testing and growth for any project they are involved with. What sets WillowTree apart is that not only do they offer expert opinions on how to make your product succeed but also provide all necessary tasks required throughout each step along the way until it reaches success. WillowTree has also appeared in Android App, iPhone and iOS, and React Native App Developers, which makes them one of the most versatile companies out there.

hedgehog lab is a global digital product consultancy with over 10 years of experience in technology, design and development. Whether it’s iOS/Android apps, immersive web solutions or voice-activated products – they’ve done it all for some of the world’s most innovative enterprises. With their expertise in solving problems through new technologies that deliver real business impact to clients worldwide, you can expect hedgehog lab to provide even more cutting edge ideas into how companies are approaching every rapidly evolving industry.


We’d like to congratulate all the companies that were enlisted in various Clutch’s rankings. We know how honourable it is. We’re happy to be enlisted in so many categories. It fills us with determination to develop and do our best for and with our clients.

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