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It is always a great honour to be chosen as a contributor to well-known academic or trade publication.

Paweł Oczadły, a Quality Assurance engineer at Future Processing, recently had an article he authored accepted by Testing Experience – one of the most well-respected publications for software testers globally. As regular readers of this blog know, quality is really the key tenet of Future Processing and Pawel really is an expert in this area. He wrote the article in his free time, not to show off his knowledge – although he is happy to share it – but because he is so passionate about his subject and this is what I think is the greatest thing about his achievement. He has harnessed his passion for high quality software testing, using it to create something useful for thousands of people.

You can read the latest issue of Testing Experience and Pawel’s article (on page 34) here If you just want a quick summary: Pawel describes how to begin the BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) adventure in a simple way. He also elaborates on the implementation of the methodology for Android devices with Selenium WebDriver and Cucumber JVM. And he presents an example project created in Java to show how to put knowledge into practice.

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