The Future Processing Way our approach to delivering software
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The Future Processing Way: our approach to delivering software

date: 1 December 2020
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Our unique approach to delivering high-quality software solutions is the result of over 20 years of experience. We call this approach The Future Processing Way (TFPW) and it’s a combination of all of our technical knowledge, methods of management and general organisational culture.

The Future Processing Way describes who we are as a company and lets our clients know exactly what they can expect from us. It’s based on 5 main pillars that lay the foundation for every action that we take and every project that we start.

TFPW – Technical Expertise

Thanks to our broad technical expertise, our clients are able to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Working with us means that you receive access to a wide selection of specialists who each have profound knowledge in their respective fields of expertise and whose workflow is clear and structured.

  • People
    We have many experts onboard with diverse areas of expertise. Moreover, our attrition rate – roughly 5% – translates into high employee satisfaction, which is a pretty important factor of success for any project.
  • Knowledge
    We place a strong emphasis on making sure our knowledge is consistently updated, covers broad areas and flows freely within our organisation – and we achieve this through our highly qualified technical expertise unit, by organising internal and external training sessions and with our mentoring system. We also have our own technology radar. The benefits of our approach are not only recognised by ourselves and our clients – we’ve also received a number of wins and nominations for many industry awards from renowned branch associations.
  • Workflow
    There’s no place for chaos in our approach. We follow proven methodologies and best practices, and always keep detailed project documentation. We are also humble enough to apply the lessons that we’ve learnt from our previous experiences to all of our new projects.

TFPW – Predictable High-Quality Delivery

Our project delivery has to not only be of the highest quality, but also highly predictable – both for us as well as our clients. This allows us to manage our work better, and also lets our customers make more accurate decisions so they can demonstrate their own reliability to their stakeholders.

  • Delivery Success Indicators
    We’ve defined 86 measurable Delivery Success Indicators to monitor the effectiveness of every particular project. They have been split into six main categories: project management, software development, customer relationships, project delivery, leadership impact and teamwork. In short, these indicators show us where we excel and what needs to be improved quickly, greatly increasing the chances of project success.
  • Quality assurance
    Focusing on testing and validation allows us to avoid making a lot of costly mistakes and leads to faster project delivery. This means smoother, more cost-effective delivery processes for our customers.

TFPW – Trustworthy Partnership

We build relationships based on mutual trust, as well as respect for the principles that both parties have agreed upon. Maintaining transparency, working within an organised framework and listening to our customers are key parts to every solid and reliable cooperation.

  • Governance structure
    We’ve developed a specific governance structure that is both effective and adaptable to all the projects that we run. It is a project management framework that includes a set of methods and roles within the decision-making process. Our framework enables a better understanding of the current situation, minimises bottlenecks, fosters transparency and, hence, increases reliability.
  • Client Engagement Manager
    Every customer gets a dedicated Client Engagement Manager who is responsible exclusively for customer service and increasing client satisfaction by adjusting the details of the project to their specific needs and expectations.

TFPW – Operational Agility

We keep on repeating that our goal is to adapt to your business and not the other way around. More often than not, the business requirements of our clients are apt to change, so we always give them the opportunity to scale with flexibility.

  • Agility
    On the organisational level we can scale up or down whenever needed and extend the capacity of your team by giving you access to experts with broad experience and various areas of expertise. We have a large talent pool within our internal teams and Partner Channel. Plus, we are open to different cooperation models, tools and technologies and we maintain a positive attitude towards change within our teams.
  • Flexibility and continuity
    Despite having diverse sources of specialists, we also have certain procedures and practices in place to ensure flexibility and business continuity in case any unexpected situations should occur.
  • Gradual growth
    With Future Processing as your IT partner – you can start small and develop gradually. There’s no need to rush and do everything at once. Pick the services that you need now and add more when you’re ready to expand the scope of your cooperation.

TFPW – Strong Work Ethic

Our strong work ethic means you can relax and feel confident about your project. Your success is our success, so we do our best to make sure you’re satisfied.

  • Values
    The values that we believe in are reflected in the previous four pillars of our approach and serve as the basis of our decisions and actions. Transparency, honest feedback, mutual respect, predictable delivery, and the highest quality products and services – all of this is mentioned above since they are integral parts of our business activities.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    We also engage ourselves and our clients in different initiatives that simply make the world a better place. For example, we gave our customers the opportunity to support a charity of their choice through our annual Christmas card, and we also took part in the Byte Night campaign.

Check us out!

The five pillars that we’ve described above set the course for our development, software delivery and the relationships that we establish with our customers. They help us build trust and deliver products and services of the highest quality. You can take our word for it or see firsthand how we operate by running a software project with us, together.

If you’re interested in starting an IT partnership or just looking for a trusted consultant – feel free to contact us and let us know what you need.

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