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The Internet of…me

date: 8 October 2015
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The raise of the machines? Bionic Man? Well, we are quite close. After all the Internet of Things it’s high time we focused on the newest concept: the ‘Internet of me’.

Many advancements are already parts of our everyday life. However, the IoMe may change and unbelievably improve our future.

Your smartphone and other appliances around you will most definitely have a change to become your (even better) friends. Most appliances won’t be produced based on ‘one size fits all’ mantra, as they will be moulded to cater your own, specific needs. Not only, will these things understand your present needs, know your location and plans, but also will predict your future intents to simplify your everyday life.

It will be mostly based on your routines, since the appliances will study your activities, health and choices. Great examples of IoMe are pacemakers that sense oxygen utilisation and muscle stimulation or baby bottles measuring the nutrients intake.

A few months back we were informed that the IoMe will go even further. The healthcare sector is about to develop incredibly.

According to Adriana Karaboutis, who works in BioGen, we will be able to influence our DNA codes.

What are the benefits of this?

It will finally allow to cure certain diseases, e.g. these called ‘orphan diseases’ (affecting a very small percentage of people worldwide). The treatments will be much more effective because patients will be treated as individuals. Thanks to personalisation it will be possible to see diseases through the angle of unique, personal needs. Instead of commonly known averages that doesn’t work in all cases and usually lengthen the treatment and might even be harmful.

We are entering the era where technology will cause revolution in many sectors. If you have ever dreamt of better future, this is the moment your dreams may come true. Because what can be better that the feeling that everything is to be made easier?



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