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The Top 5 tech podcasts for entrepreneurs to stay informed & motivated

date: 2 February 2022
reading time: 6 min

Move over, Netflix. There is a new powerful trend in the digital streaming world that has little to do with video. Podcasting has been growing exponentially in the last few years.

Although it’s difficult to measure the exact number in the world today, some sources place it at over 2,4 million podcasts.

This multitude can be attributed to two factors.

Most podcasts are available free of charge on the most popular digital platforms that nearly everybody has access to. For the creators, it means access to a global audience with relatively little effort and investment. Recording yourself, creating an audio file and uploading it to the biggest players in the podcasting game, like Spotify, Apple or Google, can be done with any smartphone these days. The same applies to ”consuming” podcasts. An estimated 120 million listeners in the US alone right now certainly sounds alluring.

As a result, practically anybody can start a podcast today. There are no formal requirements or qualifications to launch one. There is no governing body verifying the topics discussed or information shared, either. Episodes are mostly checked for explicit or inflammatory content, not scientific accuracy. So, laypeople are often tempted to have their 5 minutes of fame positioning themselves as experts in certain fields.

Research shows that the second most popular podcast genre is news. This is a very broad category that often taps into the IT world, and the offer here is exceptionally rich. Yet, it’s still a challenge to find worthwhile propositions with meaningful content.

So we have done all the hard work for you by compiling a list of the top 5 tech podcasts that can help you stay informed and motivated. They cover topics particularly relevant in the 21st century, like cybercrime, approaches to innovation, the crossover of technology and business, cultural insights, and everything crypto-related.

Darknet Diaries

You might be surprised to see this podcast on our list at all. The darknet is universally perceived as socially unethical and harmful. Swatting, selling ransomware to drug cartels or blackmailing celebrities are not noble examples to follow. But the existence of a virtual clandestine marketplace is undeniable.

Ironically, every cyberattack is a valuable lesson that exposes vulnerabilities in the ” legitimate” world that we would never be aware of otherwise. It doesn’t mean that the show is an endorsement of illicit activities. On the contrary – Jack Rhysider interviews cybercrime experts, darknet users and social scientists to understand the works of this parallel universe. Through his research, he aims to motivate listeners to better protect themselves against the darknet’s potential dangers.

Why it makes the list

Each fortnightly episode will keep you on your toes – it feels like a chapter of a crime drama on TV. Except that those dark stories are real.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Every start-up founder has probably had at least one “Why didn’t I think of this idea before?” moment in their entrepreneurial life. Once something is invented or established, it seems obvious and logical. What’s not so apparent are the stories behind the most famous apps and digital platforms. Sometimes, they are even more fascinating than those creations themselves.

Why did the Bumble founder leave Tinder? Who was the first Airbnb host? Or why is Wikipedia still a non-profit despite its global reach? The host will strive to provide answers to those mind-boggling questions about everything that you use on the internet. And maybe your next IT project will be inspired by one of those stories, too.

Why it makes the list

Even though this weekly podcast is not strictly about tech, everybody who is anybody in the start-up and IT world has probably been Guy Raz’s guest already.


Unlike the rest of the podcasts on this list, Future Processing’s own production offers more than just pre-recorded conversations with carefully vetted tech leaders. Webinars and offline events (subject to non-pandemic circumstances) complete the resources available to inquisitive entrepreneurs.

“How NOT to do B2B in the IT industry”, “The challenges of running and leading an eCommerce site” or “Data. Driving your business or driving you crazy?” are just some conversations with subject-matter experts. And the best part is that you can ask questions during the online events and, thus, network with like-minded people in your field.

Why it makes the list

Not all tech geeks are born business people, and not all business people are skilled at tech. This podcast will teach you how to successfully combine one with the other.

The Deep Dive

You’d probably expect highly specialised engineering content from a tech podcast. But it’s become increasingly evident in recent years that soft aspects of innovation and business are equally important. Culture and technology go hand in hand these days. One cannot progress without the other, and vice versa.

Anthropologist Philipp McKenzie understands the intricacies of that relationship and their implications for companies in our modern times. So his show takes a different approach. Instead of tech entrepreneurs, every week, he invites scholars, adventurers and activists who share their research and perspectives on things that shape the 21st century. If you’re interested in sustainability, equity and all things agile, this podcast is for you.

Why it makes the list

Inspiration doesn’t come from familiar things. This show is a clear testament to that.


Have you had enough of the Web 3.0, Ethereum, and DAO talk in the last 12 months? Do DeFi, NFTs and metaverse dominate your professional conversations as well? They are certainly trending topics in the tech world today. Crypto innovation is actually very much like podcasts. If you’re not ”in” on it now, can you call yourself an entrepreneur at all?

What speaks to the credibility and reputation of this show is the host. Laura Shin is a well-versed business journalist with years of experience under her belt. On Unchained, she’s accompanied by different industry pioneers discussing the future of this ever-evolving discipline and how it’s going to shape our lives.

Why it makes the list

Laura Shin left her job at Forbes in 2018 to focus on this show full time. That’s why new episodes are released every 2/3 days, meaning that she can track the developments almost as they happen.

There are five podcasts in the very title of this article, but there is one more you should check. So, here comes two as a BONUS:

It’s Not Rocket Science

The mission of “It’s Not Rocket Science!” is to bring a new idea for building business to growth-hungry business leaders and owners who want to do more with less time and so increase their business and influence. The podcast delivers actionable ideas using “five questions over coffee.”

The 3 Digital Amigos

An interesting series of podcasts where, where Craig Ambler, Avril Chester and Chris Lord talk in a non techie engaging and fun way about all things digital.


There is a wide variety of tech podcasts for entrepreneurs on streaming services nowadays. However, the ones chosen by us above go beyond raw data and focus on the context as well. Real-life examples and case studies told through interesting stories and personal experiences have us convinced.

So if you haven’t yet, press play on that first episode. We’re sure you’ll find inspiration for your next IT project there, too.

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