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The top blogs and podcasts for CIOs and CTOs – part II

date: 22 October 2019
reading time: 5 min

We have filtered through the heaps of resources on offer and compiled a list of top blogs and podcasts for CIOs and CTOs that are worth following in 2023. Add them to your favourites to ensure nothing important escapes your attention.


1. CIO

An evident must-read for any professional in the tech industry, CIO provides the latest analysis and trends, tips, research, and more. Covering careers and staffing, healthcare, consumer technology, infrastructure, mobile, and much more, CIO proves relevant for technology workers spanning virtually every industry.

2. CIO Journal

With offerings ranging from news, analysis and trends, to data for technology executives, the CIO Journal is powered by Wall Street Journal editors and covers a plethora of topics such as cloud, leadership, security, industry movers and shakers, and more.

3. CIOInsight

CIOInsight has for a long time been ‘the voice of the CIO community’, empowering CIOs with valuable insights on the evolving technology landscape and the trends that are observed in the modern technological world. Top IT leaders and industry experts offer their perspectives and analysis to help CIOs identify and solve key business challenges, think more strategically, and improve their business leadership skills.

4. CTOvision

CTOvision writes about technologies and trends with a focus on topics that are highly relevant to enterprise technologists and tech executives. Developed by Bob Gourley, CTOvision is a blog dedicated to the interests of CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs. CTOvision also offers a subscription-only based research and advisory service called CTOvision Pro. This publication is specialised in catering to enterprise technologists seeking more in-depth information on advanced technologies and concepts of operation.

5. Gartner Technology Blogs

While being the world’s leading research and advisory company, Gartner also provides business leaders and tech executives across all major functions with the objective insights and analysis they need to make smart business decisions. The Gartner Technology Blogs are a gold mine of information for the modern CIO or CTO. From analysis, trends, and predictions to cloud computing, IoT, big data, CIO leadership, CTO decision making, and more, Gartner is a go-to resource for today’s technology leaders.

6. Forrester Blog for CIOs

Forrester’s Blog for CIOs features tons of insights from a leading panel of industry veterans and analysts. The Blog for CIOs has content that is specifically geared to serve the evolving needs of today’s CIOs as well as other tech executive roles such as Senior Vice President of IT, VP of IT Planning and Strategy, and other IT professionals. The Counterintuitive CEO, offering insights from Forrester’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, George Colony, is also worth a read for any C-suite exec.

7. Stackify’s blog

Stackify’s blog is a great source of information, news, and tutorials for CIOs and other programming related topics. Stackify’s blog aims to provide high-quality content that is valuable to the developer community. In addition to the blog, Stackify’s Application Performance Management tool, Retrace, integrates code profiling, error tracking, and application logs into one platform.


1. Horizon CIO Podcast by Mark Chillingworth

In the Horizon CIO podcast, industry-leading CIOs and innovation leaders join Mark Chillingworth to discuss business technology leadership. Mark Chillingworth has been active in the tech innovation world, observing, speaking and writing about and hosting CIO/CTO community events and podcasts since January 2008.

2. CXOTalk

CXOTalk first went live in March of 2013 with the mission of sharing insights and inside stories from the world’s most innovative business and technology leaders. The true essence and value of this podcast lies in the experts’ opinions on topics that are in relevance to the role of CTO.

3. Modern CTO with Joel Beasly

Joel Beasly, being a CTO and a developer himself, makes his conversations engaging and fun. The excellent insights and knowledge lie in the banter between general leadership and growth topics when all manner of tools, trends, and books are casually discussed. It is an excellent resource to know and understand how people grew into their roles as CTOs and what challenges they faced.

4. The CTO Advisor

The host of the podcast, Keith, is a Principal CTO Advisor with 20 years of experience helping organisations achieve their mission through optimised IT infrastructures. His podcasts are characterised by the styles of freestyle banter with very well informed tech executives and industry leaders.

5. CTO Think

CTO Think markets its podcast as a pragmatic conversation about enterprise leadership, product development, and enterprise tech decisions between two ‘recovering Chief Technological Officers’, Don Vandemark and Randy Burgees. The podcast features no special guests. However, the advantage of having the same two hosts in every episode is that the hosts can speak to the audience much more directly and the conversation feels more personal and direct.

So there you have it: our comprehensive list of the most valuable and resourceful blogs and podcasts for CIOs and CTOs to follow.

For tech executives that are pressed for time, but want the latest, fresh, regular, and accurate updates regarding every new development in the tech industry, the aforementioned resources will prove to be extremely useful.

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