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Top Austrian companies to follow

date: 1 September 2021
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Austria is a beautiful country with an economy that ranks that ranks 20th in the world in terms of GDP. It is one of the most prosperous countries to date.

It’s no surprise, then, that there are many Austrian companies who are making it big internationally. Here are 5 Austrian companies you should keep your eye on!

Vienna Insurance Group

The Vienna Insurance Group is an innovative, customer-focused leader in insurance globally. Together with its subsidiaries the VIG has been providing high quality products and services for more than 150 years. They are committed to three core values: innovation, service excellence and social responsibility.

Vienna Insurance Group offers a wide selection of products to help customers protect themselves against specific risks, such as financial instability and the risk of damage or loss; they’re also committed to diversity. Offering their expertise with other VIG companies, they work hard to keep their promises with carefully and sustainably managed risks, resources, and goals. They provide localised customer service in order to best suit the customers’ needs.

VIG is a leading insurance company in the European and Eastern markets. In CEE, VIG has aspirations to be the undisputed number one player in all segments of financial services. VIG is also expanding its geographical presence by entering new markets with products that offer locally-tailored solutions for consumers.

Adidas Runtastic

Established in 2009 in Pasching, Runtastic is an innovative app that is the ultimate workout partner when you’re at home and on-the-go. As one of the most popular fitness apps, Runtastic offers a variety of high quality exercises for any level or possible need with daily inspirational messages to help keep you motivated.

Currently owned entirely by Adidas, the app offers two features—Adidas Training and Adidas Running, which allow you to track all of your exercise efforts. This easy-to-use app features training plans with interval profiling options for any fitness level; story runs based on popular literature, a killer playlist of your own selection; maps that display detailed metrics from start to finish about distance, elevation gain and elevation drop as well as history records so users can review day by day progress with charts showing duration and calories burned.

Runtastic’s auto-pause function keeps workouts going while you take care of nature’s need and the heart rate zone editing allows consistent levels throughout workout sessions.

Erste Group

Founded as “Erste oesterreichische Spar-Casse” in 1819, they’re now one of the leading financial institutes in Europe. With branches spanning 7 countries, their extensive banking portfolio includes international currency exchange services.

As the largest bank in Austria, Erste Group offers a diverse range of solutions, personal finance to families for their living space or entrepreneurs with their plans as well as founders taking their first step towards independence. One can count on personalised service at any of their more than 7000 locations and via the online banking app anytime day or night.

Their Social Banking programme collaborates with various regional partners to offer support for entrepreneurs with both access to finance and training programmes. Through this collaboration they have been able to provide 15,000 new jobs across CEE as well as 30,000 preserved jobs; 3100 starter-entrepreneurs throughout partner regions have also benefited from their aid.


Headquartered in Wattens and recognised for over 100 years as the world leader in crystal, Swarovski has gone beyond creating wearable jewellery and been acclaimed by consumers and critics alike. With a mesmerising assortment of styles from diamond-encrusted traditional pieces to modern designs, it’s kept all under one roof in order to create a seamless, universal aesthetic.

Daniel Swarovski’s expertise has led the company to become synonymous with quality jewellery. Instead of going with the trends, they’re the trendsetters in the world of luxurious trinkets. Using cutting-edge technology and a century of experience refining their processes, Swarovski’s pieces are truly a contemporary work of art.

With a sparkle like no other, Swarovski is a delight for the eyes. Superior quality permeates every facet of the manufacturing process at Swarovski; from selection of gemstones to precision cutting by machine. They consider each detail carefully before turning them into sparkling masterpieces.

Red Bull

Red Bull was introduced to the world in 1987 as an insider’s secret energy drink. It continues to live up to its reputation of high performance, by using a proprietary mixture of ingredients that will energise, quench thirst, and make you feel just right with no side effects.

Apart from manufacturing the world-famous beverage, Red Bull was responsible for financing countless projects such as Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking stratosphere jump, as well as numerous extreme sports contests. Red Bull gives wings to people and ideas. Whether it be through their products, services used by many military nations around the world, or environmental conservation – they have a valuable role in our society.

More companies to look at

Of course, these are not the only prosperous, innovative Austrian companies. Still, we chose the above ones to present to you as we believe they are among the most notable ones. There’s far more to find out about the DACH market.

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