Future Processing on top security threats your company may face

Top security threats you are exposed to in your company

date: 21 April 2015
reading time: 2 min

For the 3rd year in a row, Vormetric assessed top data security threats that may occur in your enterprise. What should you do to make your company more secure?

Today’s population uses (an almost unimaginable amount of) 3 zetabytes of space. The number is still growing, hence the risks rise everyday. Vormetric revealed that top inside threats are:

  • contractors and service providers (46%)
  • partners with internal access (43%)
  • IT priviliged users (55%)

Despite spending billions of dollars on security, 89% of people feel exposed to insider threats. This becomes more serious because, as we learn from the report, most sensitive data is housed in:

  • The clouds (36%)
  • File servers (39%)
  • Data bases (49%)

What may come as a surprise, the report also unravelled that almost 54% of IT leaders stock their sensitive data in the before-mentioned cloud, simultaneously considering it untrustworthy and dangerous. It is probably because new solutions are more likely to cause distrust.
According to Vormetric, protection of data must be concentrated around:

  • Focusing on data protection at the source
  • Making access control a default solution
  • Controlling and investigating data access patterns
  • Replacing point solutions with data security platforms

The report shows possible threats and ways to protect ourselves against them. Data security is crucial in the enterprise, therefore you have to think about its safety. Since today’s world presents us with many threats, take any possible measures not to be their target.

If you feel you may experience any of the above-mentioned risks contact us – we will help you make your data more secure!


The poll was conducted in fall 2014 among 818 IT decision makers in various countries, including 408 in the United States.

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