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What environmental challenges do modern cities face?

date: 21 July 2016
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Vivid development of technology makes it easy to forget about the impact it may have on the environment. This is the very reason modern cities face numerous challenges and implement solutions that help to protect finite resources.

Even though environment often becomes a ‘victim’ of rapid development of technology, awareness is much bigger nowadays and well-renowned companies try to change its fate thanks to smart solutions and a little bit of good will.

Issues that are most in need of help are pollution, lack of fresh water and lack of safe energy.

Let us shortly describe potential solutions that may be useful for each and every one of them.

1. Pollution

We pollute the earth every day.  We use more and more cars producing dangerous fumes, we spray our crops in order to have them grow better and let’s not forget about the industrial waste we generate.

What’s the solution?

Constant measuring of pollution levels came to the rescue. By doing so, specialists have easier access to actual data and are able to predict the critical points and come up with emergency solutions. In the long run, this means they have time to not only determine the types of pollution, but also to experiment and discover potential solutions to reduce its levels.

2. Water shortage

Water is the foundation of life, yet according to The Water Project almost 1 billion people worldwide don’t have access to fresh water.

What’s the solution?

Recycling of water is the answer. How to do that? We can’t do much without the help of technology. Numerous solutions can be implemented in order to make it efficient. One example of reutilisation is using rain water to cool down or heat up buildings. Also, specially designed turbines can provide natural air-conditioning.

Water collected from the unknown sources is usually not ideal for drinking since it is full of bacteria. This is why it is an imperative to always check the purity of water. There are special applications on the market that can regulate its contamination level. This solution would be very useful and may help reduce water-borne diseases.

3. Safe energy access

We need energy to do almost everything and its deficiency would be a critical issue. That is why inefficient use of energy is becoming one of our civilisation’s biggest problems.

What’s the solution?

Intelligent power grids are quite a novelty, however they may change a lot in the matter of helping the environment. They monitor energy usage and collect the data, which enables optimising the grid and forecasting potential damages. What is more, they also reduce energy costs.

Recycling of energy is as brilliant of an idea as recycling of any other finite resource. Generating energy by cumulating wind and solar power may help individuals, as well as buildings produce it just enough for their own use.

While the development is pacing very fast, we mustn’t forget about the basis of our existence. Only by nurturing and protecting those, will we be able to fully expand and improve our technology-filled lives.

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