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What is Clutch and why is it important to your business?

date: 26 May 2021
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Find out all about Clutch and why it's worth to leave a review of your cooperation with a technology partner or service provider on Clutch.

Do you want to review the quality of your cooperation with a technology partner or service provider? Or maybe you’re running a background check on potential suppliers and you need some reliable, first-hand information? 

In either case, Clutch can be of service. Clutch is an online platform that gathers client testimonials, case studies and industry data to help active buyers choose the best possible company or solution for them. By putting all of these resources in one place, Clutch allows clients to cut through the marketing noise and get straight to the point and find relevant information on real projects. 

This is a powerful platform for both users and providers of various business-related services – especially for service providers that are aware of the benefits of receiving positive client feedback.

Why are Clutch reviews so valuable to both users and service providers alike?

Reasons to use Clutch

Why is it a good thing for you as a client to leave a review?

  1. It builds a knowledge base
    By sharing your personal experiences cooperating with different companies, you’re helping to build a knowledge base about the industry. This, in turn, can also be used by these companies, so they know where and how to improve their weak spots and outdo their competitors. 

  2. It helps others
    Your reviews also help other buyers make informed decisions when selecting potential partners. Your opinion paints a reliable picture of what this particular partnership and collaboration may look like for them.

  3. It contributes to a positive business image
    When you care enough to leave a review of your partner or supplier, you demonstrate a high level of engagement in cooperation, which may be important to your current and other potential vendors. Your engagement is an indicator of how you may behave as a partner. 

And why do service providers need Clutch reviews, exactly? 

  1. To improve visibility
    Clutch reviews help service providers boost their online visibility: Clutch company profiles link to company webistes, and the reviews can be found organically by potential clients in search engine results.  

  2. To build trust
    By appearing on Clutch, service providers demonstrate to potential buyers that they are trustworthy vendors. Instead of just talking about themselves, they let their partners do the talking – which is a much more reliable source of information to anyone who may be interested in cooperating with a new tech partner. 

  3. To be transparent
    Clutch helps your supplier build a positive image among other companies in the industry – as a transparent organisation that is open to receiving criticism. Every piece of feedback can be used to improve the quality of their weakest features, and also to strengthen their distinguishing assets. 

Bearing this in mind, you might have the impression that leaving a Clutch review is a complicated process, but it’s actually quite simple, intuitive and safe.

So, how do you leave a Clutch review?

You can submit a review in two ways:

  1. Book a phone call at your convenience 
    1. This is the best option for more complex projects (over $25,000). 
    2. You can book the call via the Clutch scheduling tool. If your preferred time slot is not visible, try the extended hours calendar
    3. The interview will be conducted in English and takes roughly 15 minutes to complete.

  2. Log in to using LinkedIn
    1. This is a better option for relatively straightforward projects (under $25,000), or if you don’t feel confident speaking English. Your email and headshot will not be shared publicly on the site. 
    2. You can start here to log in. 
    3. Choose your partner’s company and the category of services that they offer.
    4. Fill in the review form and then submit it.

Both options are available here: Leave a Review | No matter how you choose to submit your review, you will be asked the same types of questions: regarding the scope of your cooperation, the process and outcomes, and about project management as well. 

Additional information for clients who want to leave a Clutch review

As you can see, the process of leaving a review is very simple and takes a minimal amount of time. Clutch also gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to: 

  • Updating your review
    You can always update your review, especially if an additional (and significant) part of the project has been completed, or if the trajectory of your cooperation has evolved and changed over time. 
  • Keeping the cost of your project confidential
    You will be asked about the cost of the project to give your partner credit for the general size of the cooperation. However, this may be displayed as ‘confidential’, since you may not be comfortable disclosing these details. 
  • Remaining anonymous
    When you submit your review, you may choose to keep your name and/or your company anonymous. However, making your identity public also lends much more credibility to your review. 

This all sounds great, doesn’t it? However, if you still have any doubts at this point, you can find the answers to your questions here: (or you can chat with Clutch experts if you prefer – this option is also available within the platform).

Leave a review and let others review your work too!

We strongly encourage you to share your personal experiences cooperating with any vendors that you’ve worked with previously or that you’re currently working with now — this will help all the other companies that are about to select their technology partners too. And… we also recommend that you allow others to review your own services as well! 

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to being a part of this platform, and this is not just an empty statement – you can check out Future Processing on Clutch to see how everything is structured in a real-world example. 


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