What’s in there for outsourcing according to Raconteur report?

date: 17 December 2015
reading time: 4 min

Outsourcing has been the word on everybody’s mouth for ages. But recently something has changed in a way we perceive it. It is no longer associated with call centers and cheap workforce, but rather with a comprehensive service that has the potential to add value to businesses.

Last week Raconteur has published a report that takes us on a little journey to the future. Future of Outsourcing. To save you the trouble, we decided to skim it for you and present you with the most important findings. However if you are interested…

…read full report here

1. How to be better at outsourcing?

The paper gives a lot of tips on how to excel in outsourcing, some refer to outsourcing as technology partnership, but it is basically the same thing. And since its popularity is bound to grow in the next 5 years, it is wise to pay attention.

Even though the model exists for such a long time, the articles in the report point out that you can still encounter outsourcers who don’t think about the client too much and don’t deliver gains. How to prevent that from happening? The solution to check for the case studies and make sure your future partners understand your specific needs.

2. The watermelon effect

Watermelon as we know it is smooth, green and firm on the outside and soft and red on the inside – and this is the problem. As you probably already have noticed it is a metaphor of a partnership that looks fruitful only on the surface, whereas it is fragile inside.

That’s why it is very important to choose the right outsourcing partner. Take your time with the decision, visit few potential partners, see for yourself how they work.

What is more, based on our experience, we can say that another way to make sure the choice is right is to look out for those that offer a shorter term test project. This is a great way to find out if outsourcing is for you and to get a feel for your new partners.

3. Outsourcing – not so bad anymore

For many years it was hard to get accustomed to outsourcing. Many people considered it a phenomena that steals jobs and causes the flood of products of worse quality. However now, the attitude is changing and outsourcing became an every-day ‘tool’ for most companies as it combines great talents and lowers the costs.

4. How to benefit from technology novelties

We are all familiar with the cloud, robots, and Internet of Things. Articles in the report give many tips on what to do to get the most of them. These are things like shorter contract span and bigger trust towards new technologies.

5. Nearshoring – why so popular?

Sometimes it is a good business solution to have resources available in-house, however it is often the case the case that they appear to be very costly. This is the very reason nearshoring enters as a supermen to rescue those in need. Not only does it save a lot of money, but also frees time that can be spent on developing the business.

As far as location is concerned, in recent years many outsourcing locations bloomed, however we are happy to announce that Poland is still on the top of the list. It is mainly due to the fact that it is close to most Western countries, meaning the same time zone and no need for visa to travel around Europe. Also, Poland is well known for its vast IT talent pool.

Outsourcing varies from the simple provision of competencies and people, to complete responsibility ownership – you need to decide what you, and your budget, prefer. Once the right partner is found, outsourcing can bring your company a myriad of benefits, getting your organisation on the road to success.

But before you make a final decision, consider all the above points to make sure it is a wise one.

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