Will machines learn to become our future bosses?

date: 23 March 2016
reading time: 2 min

Welcoming new colleagues may look very different in a few years. Why? Well, mostly because they won’t look the same and their tone may be more… robotic.

Yes, you’ve guessed right. We are about to enter the era of robots, who will ultimately become our bosses.

As Gartner’s report stated, by 2018 at least 3 million workers will be managed by, so called, Robobosses – artificial intelligence entities able to make important decisions.

We may all wonder why such idea would even cross our minds, however, the answer is very simple. Robobosses will be able to make quicker, more effective decisions and perform better. They will also supervise all the processes and development depending on the industry they operate within.

Such machines are said to notice and predict any possible problems or shortcomings more meticulously than humans would – all thanks to their granular knowledge and sensory ‘mind’.

Changes will also be introduced in other sectors – like recruitment.

Yet another department where these entities will proof useful. They will make unbiased decisions, depending solely on data and facts, since as we know robots are neither emotional nor partial. This is why their choices will be based on black or white idea, whereas their decisions and theories will be grounded in their programmed knowledge only. Due to all of the above, machines will be able to draw much more specific, detailed and neutral conclusions.

This is not all though since, as Gartner further predicts, by 2020 at least 5% of robots will participate in major meetings – mergers, auctions and tenders are just a few examples. Those algorithmic entities will be responsible for most transactions and money spending. Additionally, they will be able to grow and work in robotic teams. They will lead the beginning of so-called ‘programmable economy’.

However, where there are robots there may be threats as well.

This case is no different – once the robots are ‘started’ they will enter our everyday lives and stay for good.

Technology is taking a giant leap forward. Not only can it help us grow and develop within different departments, but also help us make informed decisions, based solely on facts. Robobosses will be able to take care of all these aspects, managing our future workplaces more effectively.

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