Windows 10 is almost 1 year old!

date: 9 June 2016
reading time: 4 min

It’s been almost a year after the great and high-flown release of Windows 10. This very year gave us a chance to fully discover its functions and benefits, as well as problems and bugs. Having more than a month left to upgrade your Windows for free, we decided to write a little bit more about this operating system.

10 months after the release, Windows 10 was downloaded free of charge on more than 300 million devices and, to date, is available in 111 languages globally.

Since its initial launch it went through a lot of updates and makeovers, which brings us to presenting some of its advantages:

  • Learning by mistakes – the release to manufacturing (RTM) version lacked many enhancements but, as the year went by, Microsoft was listening to users’ feedback, sorting out all the shortcomings along the way. Right now it is safe to say that Windows 10 is much better than it was at the beginning.
  • Start menu – the big come back. However, it came back modified as a mixture of what we knew and what we got in Windows 8. The new version of start menu can be resized and it is based on animated tiles, (the tiles section can be switched off though).
  • Tiles – speaking of tiles – if you are a fan of quick, pop-up information, what Windows 10 offers is clearly for you. It gives you a chance to find interesting news at just one peek.
  • Speed – after the initial launch speed was very disappointing, however after enhancements, it picked up, to the point where it is very satisfying now. The elements that really stand out are the Search feature and Microsoft’s new browser – Edge, which replaced Internet Explorer. However, Edge still lacks a lot of possibilities, in comparison to well-known and far more frequently used competitors’ browsers.
  • Visually appealing – Windows 10 is easy to navigate and looks very modern and professional. What is more, it doesn’t take much time to get a grasp of, since it is very similar to the old versions of the operating system.

When it comes to disadvantages, we’ve got the following:

  • Needed a lot of touch-ups – it is safe to say that after the release there weren’t too many fans of Windows 10. It was rather difficult to use, to say the least. And even though it is better now, a lot of people still complain and share a negative word-of-mouth. It is simple – when something new is to be released, it should always be flawless.
  • Sharing is, apparently, not caring – ‘Windows People’ still needs a lot of work. For example, you can’t contact a few people at once, they must be picked one by one. It is also impossible to share a link directly from Edge and without downloading special add-ons you are unable to use it to its full potential.
  • Security – the system is constantly connected to cloud and shares most of your actions. This makes people uncomfortable and triggers a feeling of constantly being followed. Not to mention it makes us much more vulnerable to hacking. However, Microsoft stresses the fact that the data is either used for statistics, or to make features like Cortana work better. If this is to be believed, an average user should have nothing to worry about.
  • Not the same in all countries – even though it works fully in English-speaking countries, it is not that ground-breaking in others. Especially Cortana, which isn’t actually helpful, for example, in Poland.

Last but not least:

Recently Windows became omnipresent – with a few weeks left to the release of the paid version, we are overflown with update reminders. In time such notifications became very frequent, which didn’t win over many new users, who were looking for simple ways to come back to older versions.

It is safe to say that all in all, Windows 10 is a big improvement over Windows 8. It is functional and requires less getting used to than its predecessor. It is a mixture of all that was liked through the years with just a few imperfections.

Windows 10 will be available for free only till 29th July, so if you want a chance to experience it, hurry up!


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