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Wireless universe

date: 7 March 2017
reading time: 2 min

It is almost unheard-of to stop incorporating cables in devices. However, in the era of sensors and Bluetooth, the technology may go one step further. Read on to find out more about the wireless universe we’re stepping into.

For many people, Disney has enriched their childhood years and now it can now also have an impact on the adult population because Disney Research is planning to introduce charging rooms.

Yes, we imagine you are already using charging pads, but envision stepping into a room and having all your devices blinking in the charging mode? This is what we can expect.

How is it done?

Aluminium panels on the walls and a copper pole in the middle of the room are the recipe for a wireless power room.

Electric current flows up and down the pole at an enormous speed – the current circles from the walls to the ceiling to eventually bounce right back and go back to the floor.

A magnetic field is generated by the current. Thanks to it, you can charge many devices at once. Disney claims, the magnetic field does not affect your space, furniture or mood, it’s completely neutral. What is more, any objects placed in the room also would not affect power transfer.

However, as a safety precaution Disney suggests:

‘(…) for distances close to the pole (i.e. < 46cm) standard Radio Frequency Safety strategies such as intrusion detection or adding a mechanical keep-out in the form of a decorative wall can be employed.’

Validity of these claims will be a secret until the official premiere of this solution, which has not yet been announced. However, one thing is certain. The era of chargers may be coming to its end, since the wireless universe is almost around the corner.

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