Working remotely? Discover opportunities to boost your IT

date: 14 May 2020
reading time: 3 min

A lot of companies have been forced to work remotely these days, including the biggest tech players. However difficult it may be for an in-house team to suddenly go from working in an office to working remotely, there are clearly some benefits to this.

One just has to look at this switch like a business opportunity, and not a sad necessity. This is the only way to come out of the recent turmoil in a more powerful position and be better prepared to handle any unexpected situations that will certainly appear in the future.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the new possibilities that are just waiting to be uncovered.

Switching to remote mode: 3 opportunities

1.   Improve your time management

For many employees, working from home sounds like a dream come true but they don’t realise how much self-discipline and organisation it requires. You can make the best of this newfound situation by helping your team work smarter, not harder. Keep track of your working hours to find any focus and energy leaks, and try to plan ahead and move forward within short, time-boxed iterations. Also, don’t forget to schedule buffer periods between tasks, as everyone needs to rest and recharge in order to maintain efficiency throughout the day, even when working from home.

This is a time when incorporating a solid project management methodology (like Scrum) has become more important than ever. Learn how to make full use of its potential to become more productive and better manage your time. This will pay off later as well, after the work situation returns to normal.

2.   Leverage new tools

Managing a remote team requires much more than just a few communication tools. You have to replace all of the things and spaces that you use in the office, like whiteboards, sticky notes or conference rooms, with adequate software solutions. The need to organise an online training session may also arise, or you may even have to onboard some new team members remotely, so be sure that you use tools which help ensure a smooth and seamless experience.

Some of these tools may even become long term staples if they are useful both remotely and at the office, especially when it comes to managing tasks and sharing documents via cloud technologies. Just remember that being forced to leverage innovative solutions is not a threat or a problem nowadays; in fact, it’s quite the opposite – this is an opportunity to proceed faster with your digital transformation.

3.   Learn from your partners

Even if you don’t have a technology partner yet, most likely you’ve already been cooperating remotely with a few companies, like advertising agencies, law firms or accounting firms. Observe the way they’re organised and how they collaborate with you, and try to adapt their best practices to your own business.

Of course, in the area of IT, you will learn the most from a software development company. The current situation makes this a great time to boost your digital transformation by embarking on a partnership like this, as it’s much more flexible than expanding your in-house team and also less risky than running a software project with limited knowledge and little experience. Plus, you will have a chance to see how these companies manage to cooperate on a fully remote basis and get some useful tips.

So, contact us and see just how exactly you can benefit from cooperating with an IT partner, especially in the current situation.

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