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Streamlining IT systems transition that led to cost optimisation and enhanced data accessibility

Executive Summary

Challenge: As the client’s company divided into two entities, the client urgently needed to separate their IT systems. Critical systems had to be swiftly identified, evaluated, and transitioned to ensure uninterrupted operations, with impending deadlines for the shutdown of shared systems.

Approach: We conducted a comprehensive analysis to understand the client’s IT landscape, identify critical systems, and develop a strategy for seamless transition. We also held in-depth discussions with stakeholders to gather requirements, assess system functionalities, and prioritise solutions.

Result: By combining expertise with low-code solutions, the project successfully supported the client in streamlining their IT systems transition. Key outcomes also included cost optimisation, improved process efficiency and enhanced data accessibility

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Table of Contents

About the client

The client is recognised for their high-quality vehicles, advanced technology and engineering excellence.

Business challenge

As a result of organisational changes, our client urgently needed to separate their IT systems and processes.

We undertook the challenge of replacing the systems and meeting the tight six-month deadline set for current systems’ shutdowns.

Scope of work

Over the course of two weeks on-site and further remote work, our team collaborated closely with the client. We conducted a thorough analysis of their IT landscape, engaging in daily discussions with various teams to understand each system’s functionality, criticality, and potential for replacement. Despite challenges such as, for instance, lack of technical documentation, we successfully gathered requirements and recommendations for system transitions.
The focus was on optimising cost by eliminating redundant systems and automating manual processes to enhance accessibility and functionality.

Our approach prioritised a swift delivery, necessitating a focus on low-code solutions to meet the tight six-month deadline for system shutdowns. We provided recommendations for each system, some of which were consolidated, while others were deemed non-critical and excluded from the project scope.

Our expertise

Our highly skilled team played a crucial role in the transition phase and the ongoing progress.

The collaboration exemplifies a commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to the client’s unique challenges. By leveraging low-code development, process optimisation, and collaborative partnerships, the project enabled the client to navigate a complex IT systems transition with confidence and efficiency, ultimately ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Benefits for the client

The solutions we proposed not only resolved the client’s main issue, but also brought additional benefits, such as centralising data and reducing licensing fees. The processes were documented and mapped to ensure clarity and efficiency in the transition phase.

Key outcomes include cost optimisation, process efficiency, and enhanced data accessibility. Implementation of low-code solutions enabled rapid development and deployment, ensuring timely readiness for the separation process.