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Executive Summary

Challenge: Our client needed to implement an effective and scalable document management service for their customer base. The system had to have the capacity to deal with up to 50,000,000 documents.

Approach: We successfully delivered a document management service allowing agency staff to organise, administer and control their documentation. We also organised security training for our client’s staff.

Result: We enabled the company to optimise the processes and accelerate the development of new products, helping to improve the product suite in a time frame which would otherwise not be possible.

Table of Contents

About the client

Has Group, a part of Access company, understands the difference data can make to improving quality and lowering costs throughout the care cycle. They offer a range of dynamic technologies to support prevention, process automation, flexible data collection, better commissioning and market management.

With over 20 years of experience and working with over 120 Local Authorities / CCGs and 3000 Providers, HAS Technology’s solutions support the transformation of care delivery.

Improvements to make

HAS Group approached us with a requirement to implement a document management service for their customer base.

One of the challenges was the volume of data that the system needed to support – around 2,500 locations with an assumed number of 1,000 clients each and 10-20 documents per client, meaning the system needed to have the capacity to deal with up to 50,000,000 documents altogether.


locations that the system needed to support


the number of documents the system needed to have the capacity to deal with

Scope of work

The aim was to allow care agency staff to manage important documents such as contracts, care plans, medical records, etc. for each recipient of care services and for each carer.

HAS Technology decided to use SharePoint as the back end storage for the service and we were tasked with:


Developing an API that would allow our client’s flagship project – CallConfirmLive! to integrate with SharePoint’s document management functionality.


Configuring the structure of SharePoint so that it met HAS Technology’s current and future needs and plans.

We designed the infrastructure and developed a web serviceconducting manual and automatic testing of the service and installed SharePoint and its farms on the client’s servers. We also provided support with adjusting processes to take account of SharePoint.

Future Processing have been very accommodating with our requests, made possible by a very good availability of highly competent software development teams. With great account management and teams that form effective working relationships with in-house development teams the daunting task of working with external development teams is definitely a thing of the past. In addition to development resource, we have also benefited from organised on-site security training delivered by security experts within Future Processing

Chris Gathercole
Development Manager, HAS Group

Interdisciplinary teams

We have successfully developed a document management service allowing agency staff to effectively organise, administer and control their documentation. Multiple agency users can now upload documents, attach them to a given Service User or Care Worker, as well as download and delete them.

System users can search for and return all records that have been uploaded for a particular person and filter through the results also having the possibility of auditing all document history.

The solution we provided is integrated within CallConfirmLive! which means that users manage their documents through a system they already know and are used to. The service is scalable with the only limitation being the hardware.

HAS Technology Group has successfully used Future Processing to outsource various development projects for its business over a period of several years. During that time, we have built a good working relationship with the Future Processing team who offer excellent service levels delivering projects to specification, budget and time.

Future Processing have enabled the company to accelerate the development of new products helping improve our product suite in a time frame which would otherwise not be possible. I have no hesitation in recommending Future Processing to other IT companies.

Simon Rider
Marketing Director, HAS Group

Technologies used in the project