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A strategic workshop that helped the client kickstart the high-tech business

Executive Summary

Challenge: The client sought our consultation in selecting the most suitable ERP system to support their key processes, enabling them to start operations and kickstart the production of their innovative medical device.

Approach: For the client, we conducted a one-day strategic workshop. We aimed to learn about their high-level processes, business model and a roadmap for the near future to propose the most optimal solutions

Result: The outcome was a thorough report with recommendations for the optimal solution that meets client’s needs and supports management of their growing business, and including the steps necessary for its successful implementation.

Services we used:

Table of Contents

About the client

Oasis Diagnostics S.A. is a medical technology company dedicated to advancing maternity care through the introduction of innovative diagnostic methods.

The company focuses on implementing clinically-assessed medical devices to address challenges in obstetric standards and enhance the postpartum quality of women’s lives. Oasis assembles an interdisciplinary group of experts and forward-thinking visionaries who envision the impact of technology on humanity’s future.

Business challenge

Oasis Diagnostics S.A. is a small company, founded by visionary professionals in the medical field, that is entering the market with its innovative product.

The experts from Oasis have developed and prototyped a state-of-the-art device for detecting pelvic floor muscles injuries after natural childbirth, along with AI-supported software and an application.

At the time when the client approached us, the company was at the final stage of research and just before commencing the production and distribution of the devices. They reached out to us for recommendations on implementing systems to support the management of their growing business.

The challenge for the client was to choose an information technology strategy for the organisation’s processes that would enable the start of operations, the launch of sales channels, and production.

The client wanted to cover the area related to managing clients, logistics and distributor network, a solution that would offer features available in CRM systems that would also be potentially scalable.

Consultancy partner

What we offered the client was a one-day workshop to learn about their processes and current challenges. For conducting the workshop, we engaged  Analysis & Design experts and a healthcare software development expert, who quickly understood their problems and highlighted areas requiring improvement.

After reviewing the information gathered during the workshop and comparing several different systems available on the market, we have suggested selecting the system that the client has already chosen for accounting and simply adding the modules that will enable managing other key processes. Using the solution from the same provider will facilitate and accelerate its implementation and integration, and will also result in savings for the client.

When we analysed the client’s needs and compared them with the system’s capabilities, we discovered that purchasing and implementing additional modules would meet the requirements of the organisation set during the meeting, i.e., integration with courier services, document circulation management, warehouse management, etc.

This approach allows for the purchase of licenses for only the currently essential parts of the system, allowing for a seamless expansion with additional functionalities in the future.

Benefits for the client

Our primary consideration was ensuring that the solution is tailored to the needs of a company new to the market and growing. Therefore, the solution had to be flexible enough to meet the evolving challenges and changing needs of the organisation.

The conducted strategic workshop strongly supported the objectives related to the implementation of the ERP system, but also the initiation of production by identifying a series of necessary steps to :

  • logistics and transport
  • project management, servicing and claims
  • business partner management, sales and distribution

A major advantage of the recommended solution is the possibility of extending its functionality through additional modules, allowing for their potential expansion with more stakeholders and further sub-processes. This way, the solution will be able to grow as the company expands.