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Java-based application for HR which resulted in significant time-savings, improved validity and reduced distortion.

Alderbrooke People Diagnostics is a leading Culture & Talent diagnostics specialist. The company provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of boards, management teams and human resources.

One of its products is CultureScope, the first advanced behavioural analytics engine that measures organisational culture providing organisations with the what, how and why of their cultures. Critically, organisations can now correlate their culture and behaviours to performance and outcomes.

We have been working with Alderbrooke since June 2018 on a new Java-based application we wrote from scratch that will allow to conduct diagnostic behavioural questionnaires in a dynamic way. The solution has to meet high non-functional requirements regarding, among others, performance. Our team is facing a really ambitious challenge, as the application is the basis of our client’s business.

The application will bring certain benefits:

Old diagnostic tool New diagnostic tool
Fixed survey questions – always the same number of questions Further questions are selected based on users’ answers (dynamic adaptive item response)
Currently, it takes 20 min to complete the survey It will take around 8 minutes less
Users always need to answer 60 questions for item response theory (IRT) part With adaptive approach, users need to answer only from 15 to 30 questions


However, most importantly, the outcome will be improved validity & reduced distortion.

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