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Working on an innovative, fixed income data aggregation and market surveillance tool.

The visionary idea

Algomi ALFA is an innovative solution, a ‘game changer’ for price discovery in bond markets.

Founded in 2012, Algomi is an award-winning software company that provides technology to bond market participants to improve their workflow and liquidity by data aggregation, pre-trade information analysis, and execution facilitation.

They are a market-neutral system provider, using expertise in technological facilitation to improve liquidity and efficiency in the market.

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About the product

Algomi ALFA

We've been working with Algomi from 2018 until 2022. 

Algomi ALFA is a fixed income data aggregation and market surveillance tool bringing together liquidity data from all major electronic venues, messaging platforms and dealer inventory feeds and combining them into a single consolidated landscape.

It solves problems in today’s fragmented fixed-income markets allowing to organise information into actionable insights and make better decisions, increasing the likelihood of a successful trade.


The product allows a real-time view of the entire bond market, including government bonds, investment grade, high yield, emerging market, municipal debt, and structured credit, allowing data visualisation and analysis.


Scope of work

Algomi was looking for a business partner with strong competencies in the field of Big Data and Java. They needed someone who will understand their very specific domain to conduct the Proof of Concept of the new service and, after successful early implementation, to support Algomi’s IT and business team.





IT Security


Our collaboration

Our partnership and flexibility regarding the choice of technology, allowed Algomi to offer new functionalities to their clients, such as real-time market data API access and the ability to replay missed data feeds by access to real-time data buffer.

Working together let us achieve additional benefits of the solution, such as greater efficiency and scale, and pattern recognition, to facilitate improved decision making, the possibility to make more informed investment decisions, flexibility thanks to API access to a real-time market data stream, increased liquidity.

The Global Datasphere will grow from 33 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2018 to 175 ZB by 2025.

Source: PMI

We provide value

Main benefits of our partnership

  • collaboration with a team of technical experts with domain knowledge, able to translate technical requirements into business ones,
  • minimising business risk thanks to quick verification of a concept of a new service,
  • accessing competencies going beyond software development,
  • increasing competitive advantage thanks to enriching the solution with new functionalities,
  • predictable, high-quality delivery, allowing Algomi to make commitments to their end clients,
  • gaining a trustworthy software development partner.

Used in the project

Draw knowledge from data

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