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Silesian Metropolitan Network approached Future Processing to provide video surveillance systems, based on our previous experience and products in detecting patterns from video images.

The solution we proposed was designed to integrate with existing video surveillance system software and hardware infrastructure, and enable automatic detection of specified events.

The events to be detected were:

  • Vandalism (graffiti, destruction and theft of property)
  • Driving in the wrong direction
  • Vehicles parked in prohibited areas
  • People in prone position (potentially sick, homeless, or drunk)
  • Suspicious behaviour of groups of people

The solution created by Future Processing uses algorithms which automatically identify suspicious or prohibited behaviours. The system independently detects defined events and creates an alarm for the operator, who can potentially react much more quickly and in a greater percentage of cases.

The system currently analyses video footage from 25 CCTV cameras in real time. Additionally, multiple scenarios can be defined for a single camera. As well as increasing the effectiveness of video surveillance by increasing the rate of detection of suspicious events, an indirect benefit of the solution was to improve the working environment for the operators.


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Silesian Metropolitan Network is the first Polish local government ICT network operator and is owned by Gliwice City. The organisation provides solutions to the public sector based around the latest technologies, including: renting out infrastructure elements; IT solutions; server solutions; VOIP telephony solutions; CCTV solutions; multimedia advertisement; innovation consulting; project management and outsourcing services.

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