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A dedicated team who built and tested new modules in the CONNECTS platform

About the client

CONNECTS is an online Business Matchmaking Platform that allows entrepreneurs to initiate trustworthy business opportunities worldwide.

The company believes strong business relationships can only be developed through trusted networks.

Working with Chambers of Commerce, they provide access to online leads, suppliers, partnerships, skills and business communities that the platform users can trust.

The platform is a Business and Chamber Directory, developed to support Chambers of Commerce, SMEs and Start-ups. It is unique, simple, and effective for business development. The services are completely free for members of participating Chambers of Commerce.

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Business Challenge

Supporting sustainable development

To open more networking opportunities to the users of this unique platform, CONNECTS approached us with a twofold challenge.

First, the company needed to migrate the platform to a newer version of the Symphony framework and PHP, to ensure secure and sustainable development of the service as the previous framework was no longer to be supported.

Second, they needed to extend the functionality of the platform to deliver new modules to their clients within the agreed timescale.

100 mln

identifiable companies

1000 +

active business opportunities

Scope of the cooperation

A new CONNECTS module

We developed the Communities module, which enables users to join online communities to connect, do business, and exchange information and ideas with other entrepreneurs. The module was based on the code of an existing functionality enhanced with additional features.

Apart from development work, we helped CONNECTS automate quality testing and part of the deployment process.

Front-end development

Quality Assurance


Collaboration and teamwork are words and concepts on the rise these days, buzzwords if you like. We are encouraged to work together, to share ideas, to communicate and improve our communication and that all of these are so important.

I think that only when you really find a true business partner, that you can trust, you realise how valuable this type of relationship is and the kind of new opportunities it can bring.

With Future Processing, we managed to build on this relationship together, to find understanding, transparency, that helped us solve all emerging issues.

The key to us successfully building cooperation is that we set it on a new basis, and not just as a tool for achieving business goals. This basis was set upon support, understanding, sharing and learning from one another.

Leila Lunguleac Bardaşuc
Head of Partnerships at CONNECTS
We add value

Supporting business vision

Despite some initial challenges in the cooperation between Future Processing and CONNECTS’ development teams, we communicated very well on the management level. As a result, together, we managed to turn things around and deliver a fully functioning Communities module within the agreed timescale.

Through our cooperation, CONNECTS achieved their business goal of being able to offer their clients a new opportunity to develop relationships, cooperate and share expertise.

The new module is crucial in the pandemic times, as being a part of an online business network means new business, sales, and investment possibilities for CONNECTS clients.


Watch the interview

Joost Visser and Leila Lunguleac-Bardasuc from Tiao, the company behind CONNECTS business platform talk about their business platform and collaboration with Future Processing.


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