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datapharm future processing

Dedicated technology teams developing new software products and upgrading existing systems to accelerate transformation

The visionary idea

Datapharm is a medical information company that provides technology-enabled solutions to the global healthcare sector.

Datapharm runs emc (electronic medicines compendium), the UK’s leading provider of trusted medical information, and delivers regulatory and compliance software solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

The company’s mission is to improve the accessibility, effectiveness and excellence of healthcare product information through leading platforms it offers.

Datapharm works in partnership with, and to meet the needs of four main groups: pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals, patients and carers, and database and app providers.

datapharm future processing

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Business Challenge

Accelerating transformation with tech talent

In 2019, Datapharm embarked on a growth acceleration programme with the aim of developing new products and upgrading existing products for its customers as quickly as possible.

The challenge was – how to recruit and get enough technical resources and solution architects to scale up as quickly as required by the transformation plan.

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We had a big need to get our processes and agile environment moving, on a real scale. And we needed a partner to help us with that.

Arif Govani
Chief Digital Officer, Datapharm
Future Processing
Solution we delivered

Scope of work

We kicked off our partnership in July 2019. Since then, the teams have been working on several projects, providing upgrades, improvements and new features to most of Datapharm products.

Over the course of the collaboration, we’ve shared our knowledge and full range of skills from software development, DevOps, Cloud, Quality Assurance with test automation, UX and Business Analysis.

We currently work in two blended development teams consisting of both Datapharm and Future Processing engineers.

We add value

Benefits of our partnership

With our help, Datapharm were able to efficiently execute their 3-year growth plana year earlier than assumed.

One of the projects that really accelerated the plan was emc northern ireland. The platform proved that Datapharm’s business plan to internationalise their product was not only valid but feasible.

Future Processing’s team leader provides valuable support to the Datapharm team. They act as a conduit between Datapharm, Future Processing and the team itself and monitor the team members’ motivation and morale.

The blended team model is encouraged by Datapharm as it enables the free flow of knowledge between team members which helps skills transfer.

An interesting benefit of the partnership – besides being able to scale up and down – is really helping the business grow. We had a three year plan which would take us to end of 2022. Together, we hit that. A year earlier. (…)

What I was really impressed with are your processes around onboarding, the financial quotation process, tracking, reporting, etc. All that transparency is fantastic and you have full clarity , so we on the same page.

Arif Govani
Chief Digital Officer

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