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Providing business and technology consulting services, delivering cutting-edge technological solutions.

    The visionary idea

    Our client is a century old, award-winning business from Fortune #100 companies list.

    As an organization, the company has been taking care of its employees and clients in innovative ways since the day it was founded. The client believes that feeling safe is one of the most crucial factors for any development to occur. This philosophy is reflected in the organization’s versatile offers.

    Our client is transforming its sector’s image and potential, bringing disruptive innovations, using cutting-edge technology, data mining, development, marketing and creative design as well as placing importance on a diverse and mold-breaking team.

    Business Challenge

    Need for a technological partner

    As a global giant, our client processes enormous amount of data, crucial for making solid and reliable decisions. To be able to operate smoothly and effectively, all databases and systems have to be up to standard. Taking the company’s approach to innovation and globalization into account, the challenge is to make everything work together and in different market environments all over the world.

    The need for a partner occurred because the client wanted to stay up to date with the latest trends and thus decided to search for a new technology consultant.

    Our role was to take care of a data warehouse that already existed as well as to develop the product further according to the standards.

    Another important issue was the need to switch the way data was ingested into the data warehouse – from on-premises data sources to data sources hosted in AWS Cloud infrastructure.

    Solutions we delivered

    Scope of work

    Two main technological streams in the project are Cloud Solutions related activities (data ingestion, infrastructure maintenance) and data warehouse management (data flow maintenance and expansion – ETLs, provision of data sets for consumption by end users).


    Data Warehouse




    More than software developers

    Diversified team

    After the client reached out to us, we were able to assemble a diversified team of specialists working in three flexible and scalable subteams:

    • Cloud Solutions (around five people on average, depending on the client’s needs for Cloud specialists)
    • Strategic Business Enablement (continually growing; this part of the team focuses on maintaining the current data warehouse)
    • Service Desk (people working the same hours as the client in the US).

    Apart from the core development team, Scrum Masters, Proxy Product Owner and Business Analysts are engaged, adding value and different perspectives to the project.

    Partnership that delivers

    What we did together

    Through a close partnership with the client’s internal team, we continue to deliver the smooth flow of data and we actively participate in designing new architecture using both Scrum (core development team) and Kanban (Service Desk team) methodologies.

    At the beginning of our work the client made sure that we are a trustworthy partner. Within our collaboration we provide business and technology consulting services as well as deliver cutting-edge technological solutions.

    The main responsibilities of our team include:

    • creating a new, state-of-the-art and secure data warehouse in AWS Redshift,
    • maintaining the older solution,
    • switching from on-premises Data Source Systems (MS SQL) to AWS Cloud (PostgreSQL) and ultimately to AWS Data Lake.
    We add value

    Main benefits of our partnership

    • gaining a long-term, trustworthy software development and consultancy partner who feels responsible and takes ownership of the project on an operational level
    • high quality, predictable delivery using cutting-edge technology according to the client’s needs and innovative approach
    • quick knowledge transfer and a possibility of engaging the client’s tech team developers in different projects
    • completion of some of the migrations, implementing modifications to ensure the data warehouse is stable and error-free as well as may store and analyze more data by means of PowerBI
    • regular feedback both from the client’s management and end users of the solution, which brings higher scores on metrics measured by the client, e.g., Customer Net Promoter Score, Time to Market, Total Cost of Ownership
    • implementation of the pioneering technology using AWS Cloud (data ingestion from Data Lake, Redshift, Redshift Spectrum)

    Used in the project


    Our client has been widely recognized and won significant awards in the fields connected to its sector. The company was also honored many times for being one of the best employers globally and recognized for its environmentally friendly approach.

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