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New software solution enabling automatic transfer of customer data, vastly improving processing and reducing need for manual work.

About the client

Freedom from Torture is a British charity helping survivors of torture and violence to rebuild their lives.

It also strives to protect and promote their torture survivors’ rights. Since its foundation in 1985, over 57,000 individuals have been referred to the charity’s centres for help.

With survivors, the charity campaigns for change in the UK and across the world, raising awareness and influencing decision-makers about torture and its impact.

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Business Challenge

What the client needed

Freedom from Torture found their current system of entering client referrals into the database inefficient since it required a lot of manual data input and would often result in many duplicates.

They approached Future Processing with a need for a new module that would connect the web form for making referrals to their internal database of clients.

57 000

individuals have been referred to the charity’s centres for help

100 000

people fighting for a world free from torture

Our collaboration

What we built together

Future Processing developed a new solution enabling an automatic transfer of customer data from new web referrals to their customer database just with a click, removing the need for printing a web form extract and typing it into the database.

The system, which pays special attention to data security, also gives an overview of web referrals that come in and has the ability to detect duplicates.

Freedom from Torture has been delighted to work with Future Processing on this project and in further developments of our clients’ database, which has vastly improved our data processing and reduced requirements on staff time. They are always helpful and very professional, we would highly recommend them.


Rocio Roberts
Director of Finance and ICT, Freedom from Torture

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