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An innovative brokerage application dedicated to comparing loan and mortgage offers.


Ipoteka AG is a Swiss brokerage start-up focused on creating an innovative, easily accessible web application dedicated to comparing mortgage offers from various banks.

One of the features of this solution is meant to support financial institutions in presenting the best offers possible for an individual client, even if they come from another bank.

This idea is one of a kind and would bring about a great paradigm shift in the financial sector, especially in the Swiss market, where such comparison engines do not exist. The software would foster the partnership and collaboration between banks and enable clients to get the most suitable deals in a flexible way.

Ipoteka AG Future Processing

A need for a technological partner

Ipoteka’s founders have been professional loan brokers for many years. They wanted to start a brand new, innovative brokerage business, and thus Ipoteka AG was born.

To be able to operate officially, Ipoteka needed a technological partner to develop their own software solution – a mortgage comparison engine tackling a great deal of data, with an additional visionary module enabling banks to collaborate and share their best offers between each other.

After the initial calls and Ipoteka’s fruitful visit at Future Processing headquarters in Gliwice, we proved that our experts understand the idea and were adapting quickly to the client’s requirements. The client was appreciative of our approach at every point of contact and we started our collaboration.


Scope of work

Together with Ipoteka we decided which parts of the innovative brokerage solution were crucial to begin with and we worked on the first module of the web application, which is a PoC of a professional offer comparison engine based in the Cloud.

We also prepared a prototype and estimations of the other module for financial institutions, which is to allow the banks to share their offers with their respective clients and collaborate with each other in a flexible way.

Software development


Quality Assurance

Scrum Master

Business Analysis


What we did together

Through a close partnership with Ipoteka, we delivered the system’s first module allowing to compare various mortgage offers as well as a functional prototype of the other innovative feature meant for the banks to strengthen their collaboration.

Right now, we continue working on the improvements in the main solution and we are preparing for a go-live, after which our client will be able to officially kick-start their start-up’s business activity.


Main benefits of our partnership

  • an open and transparent communication, regular feedback and knowledge transfer – our client knew exactly what was happening at each stage of the development and could make regular data-driven decisions regarding the project
  • gaining a long-term, trustworthy software development and consultancy partner
  • high quality, predictable delivery according to the client’s needs and innovative ideas
  • implementation of the state-of-the-art technology using cloud solutions
  • ability to present the prototype of the newest visionary module of the application to potential partners and clients

Used in the project

IT professionals handpicked to address your needs

A whole team of talented software development engineers and specialists in chosen technologies waiting to work for your business.


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