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We are partners in developing Planet V, a brand-new ITV ad management platform.

ITV is the largest independent broadcaster in the United Kingdom.

Launched in 1955, ITV was the first Independent Television company, created as a direct competitor to the BBC. Now it is the largest commercial network in the UK. ITV also has an established Video On-Demand (VOD) platform, and recently launched a major new initiative in this area: ITVX.

As a leader in the media industry, ITV wanted to develop its services to ensure the needs of viewers, broadcasters, and advertisers are catered for. One such example was the need for an intuitive ad management platform that empowers users to buy, track and optimise digital advertising campaigns in a secure, automated environment. That is how the idea of Planet V was created.

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The need for an innovative
ad management platform

ITV wanted to create an innovative ad management platform that would be automated, accessible, simple to use, and configurable.

The client also had a need for a long-term partner who could establish two additional cross-functional development teams that augmented their internal capability in order to drastically reduce the go-to-market time of a new product.

The idea was to establish a strong and open partnership, with teams working together as a cohesive unit based on trust, transparent communication, total alignment on processes, ceremonies, and approaches to solving problems, useful suggestions for improvements, and support in selecting the right tools and frameworks.

B2B marketplace
for targeted advertising

ITV looked for an IT partner for a few reasons: flexibility, the ability to dynamically scale up and down to hit an aggressive deadline, and as a means to overcome hiring challenges that were seen locally when attempting to onboard a large development team in a short amount of time.

The selection process included a lot of interaction and workshops aimed at getting to know the work and communication styles of a potential team. ITV chose Future Processing due to the right approach toward the project, high-capability specialists, and last but not least, cultural fit.

Future Processing’s mission was to support the process of building the new Planet V platform, a B2B marketplace that allows advertisers and buying organisations to create rich and highly targeted advertising campaigns across multiple broadcasters (of which ITV is one). We were expected to join the project by delivering two cross-functional agile teams.

The project began with forming the initial team, which we gradually expanded by adding more developers. After about 3 months, as the team grew, it was divided into:

  • 2 TEAMS
  • 8 EXPERTS in each team

Future Processing provided: Team Leader, Solution Architect, 3 Frontend Developers, 2 Backend Developers, and a Quality Assurance Engineer. In addition, Solution Architect, Quality Assurance Engineer, and 2 Backend Engineers from Future Processing joined the ITV internal teams.

Areas covered: Software Development, Solution Architecture, and Cloud Computing

The first release of the new Planet V went live on 14 November 2022.

“In 2021 we set ourselves the goal of shipping an all-new Planet V during Q4 of 2022. We promised it would be bigger and better than what had come before, and that we’d put our agency customer at the heart of it. Well, with Future Processing team’s amazing help, we’ve achieved just that.

I also want to acknowledge the smooth collaboration between teams, it’s not always the easiest thing to get right and it’s made a huge impact.”

James Hewines
Director of Technology, Commercial Technology & Change, ITV PLC

Partnership that delivers

Future Processing and ITV forces joined together to develop a new major iteration of the Planet V ad management platform.

We have provided two cross-functional development teams to collaborate with another two ITV teams using a common backlog. It means we have worked as a single product team without partitioning responsibility around the platform’s architecture, modules, or components. Product, UX, and Platform teams are also part of the client’s team.

The pilot version of the new Planet V was launched on 14 November 2022, allowing the first users to test and give feedback on the platform. Further development continues in 2023.

Right from the start ITV was very keen to promote a one-team approach and culture. The whole team has been incredibly successful in achieving this and the client has a great perception of the Future Processing team.

We have created a true partnership with ITV right from the start of the project.


The team wanted to incrementally improve the platform over time, leveraging user feedback as the main driving force in the product roadmap. Future Processing and ITVs joined-up approach to engineering and commitment to agile has ensured the team can react quickly to any pain points encountered by users, while also continuing to add value and demonstrate ITV’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the platform.

Project in numbers

6 weeks

to choose Future Processing and sign the contract

1000+ buyers

are planned to join the platform

20 months

necessary to complete the project

4 teams as 1

joined forces of 2 teams from Future Processing and 2 from ITV

20 experts

from Future Processing working on a project

Main benefits of our partnership

  • A long-term technology collaboration was established with a shared work ethic and a cultural match
  • A team of high-capability experts working in an agile way, ready to work together on one product and backlog
  • Successful agile delivery under the Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) framework
  • Goals achieved and deadlines met in a high-priority mode
  • Collaboration that proves to be fully dependable and highly effective
  • High quality delivery based on Best Practices of Software Development 
  • Workshops, regular feedback, and catch-up meetings throughout the project
  • The prospect of new development projects and further collaboration

Technologies used
in the project

IT professionals handpicked to address your needs

A whole team of talented software development engineers and specialists in chosen technologies waiting to work for your business.


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